this corner is reserved for me! (NEW SONG) (quicky)

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this corner is reserved for me! (NEW SONG) (quicky)

This is a short song i wrote, about high school

this high school madhouse
drama ain't what it about
rouse around like clowns
so go laugh and shout
you'll tuck in your shirt
the whole way around
past the knees your skirt
and if a kid falls down in the dirt
don't pick 'em up, what daddy will say
is to simply just point, laugh, and play
because it is NOT found fun an games
'til someone gets hurt "hip hip hooray!"

don't tell daddy how you've felt
or you are gonna feel the belt
hell breaks lose and it melts
cause parents always pelt

when your own home packed lunch
tastes worse then the school special
your brain's a mesh being munched
where psychopathic murder is legal
all the stress makes your back hunch
feel set on bashing in your fresh skull
combine them with crack an crunch
bully bones an flesh snacked on full

so give to a gun your lunch money
watch him hop away like a bunny
then your eyes will start twitching
because it is just so so so funny
the inside of your head's itching
this ride is about to get bloody

there's the colossal jocks
with teeny weenie cocks
an then there is that slut
always abusing her butt
an pathological pimps with no nuts
drama queens who just like to fuss
the obnoxious assholes
who just will not shut up
out-of-control creepy kids like me
who go sneak, oops, i mean stroll
to the biology lab to play with guts

go for scratching your nails on the chalkboard
hearing bullshit lies causing emotional tumors
"so you don't stalk her?!" response to rumors
don't talk or gawk, just walk away some more
soon they'll all regret making you clean floors
see the corpses you adore aren't as ignored
if you can't take anymore, well, there's the door
to a room with a swinging noose an no chores

an if we really didn't have to come to school when we're sick
i would not come a day you couldn't say that i was skipping
now authority just says "son, you better not give me any lip"
when i try explaining to them "I'm still so so very sickening"
when we puke our guts all over the floor, they'll call it a trick
they just ignore how we're so sore an mentally so very sick

through my motel window's puny view
do you see the ugly lil' stitched up doll
on my old rotting shelf against the wall
can't you tell that it is a voodoo you
so, hope to hell that it does not fall
or you're guaranteed farewell to all

full fledged drama general
so go enjoy your detention
you're soldier of your men
but when I'll call attention
go gather all your friends
oh an also did i mention
I've hated all the trends

they say "hey 'least it's a start"
to relieve all your daily tension
but you know, if you are smart
high school's really just the end

i dont think it is my greatest work, but that is up to you guys,
tell me what you think :)