The Broken Promises (My New Album)

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The Broken Promises (My New Album)

The Broken Promises is my new album, breaking me out of my writers block and into some Black Parade style lyrics
This album is all about the oh-so promising future, represented by its main song, The Girl In The Gas-Mask
If you look at each song carefully you can find each song's Broken Promise lyric, so have fun with it :3
and dont forget to tell me whatchya think of 'em :) You guys and your feedback are what keeps my dreams alive :)

well, without further adieu, I present... My new album ... The Broken Promises!

The Broken Promises

Asleep At The Wheel


The Haunting Of Everafter Street

Happy Thoughts (And Bloody Stains)

Pinch. Me. (to) Sleep.

Welcome All The Prim And Proper To The Party, My Funeral


If You Chew Us Up You'll Choke

THERAPY! (Welcome To Rehab...)

Before The Requiem

CONTAGIOUS (The Placebo)

The Girl In The Gas-Mask (Medusa)



Welcome To The Sanitarium

Mommy Mortician (With All These Mouths To Feed Humanity Will Go Extinct In Days)

Asphyxia (Momma's Boy)

Lucy's New Hand (Case 13)


Darling Disfigurement, Sarcasm's True Identity

Gone In Sane (Coming Back Soon)