Bloody Note (new song by me)

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Bloody Note (new song by me)

Bloody Note

If she didn’t write this bloody note
Nobody would ever even know
Although they all took turns stealthily peeking through the keyhole
Just to make sure she didn’t attain any spontaneous self-control

All people would say was just “it’ll all get better, it’ll all get better”
Until they decided it enough was enough and to just forget her

The sickness in her stomach just won’t leave, no matter how much she bleeds
And there is emptiness forming in her chest from where her heart is leaking

She’s numb in the eyes, and numb in the heart
Don’t play dumb, you also played your part

She’s yelling for help at the top of her wrists, but no one can hear her
Well, now she’s staring death in the face, and it’s almost like a mirror

As they found her just lying there, she felt so embarrassed
All the blood would rush to her face, if any more was left
Though her wrists were blushing lifelessly as she rest
On the bright side, she was overdue for a blood test

Now she’s overdosing on the pills that were meant to clot her blood
And what she wanted most, no, all she needed was just one ‘lil hug

It’s odd, how the longest sleep has no dreams
And the most medicated eyes have no gleam

Don’t you dare even pretend that you care
You’re just staring at the tipped over chair

If she didn’t write this bloody note
Nobody would ever even know
She silently slipped the dripping paper under her door
As an excuse on why she wouldn’t be doing her chores

But something she said
Got stuck in their head
One thing she wrote
On that bloody note

Dear brother, take a breath before you take a look at what’s left in me
There’s still air, because you always told me to just breathe
But there isn’t any blood, you never told me not to bleed
Sorry about the stain, here’s a tip, mother usually made me use Bleach

Sister, do not miss me, do not even kiss me goodbye
No matter how wide you open my eyes, I’m still not alive
It’s just too late
Reminisce all the signs, the times I wouldn’t say hello
Do you recall that old doll you promised you would sew
I’m still waiting

Everyone is bloody, when you look at their insides
So pretty-please tell me, honey, what have I got to hide
If I’m so beautiful on the inside, I’ll turn myself inside out
But you never had the guts to tell me what you lied about

If she didn’t write this bloody note
Nobody would ever even know
Not that anyone actually cared what the letter said
They were just relieved that she was finally dead

The autopsy revealed that she had tried so many times before
She really was dead on the inside and now also on the floor

Can you hear her ear-piercing undying sound
That’s still bleeding up from underground
Only a lonely dandelion stands as her witness
Of her little lovely crime that no one visits

If she didn’t write this bloody note
Nobody would ever even know
Now it just lays there silently above her low-grade grave
Mother’s proof she was an adolescent who misbehaved