Part 4, my first fanfic.....still not bothered to come up with a title. So sue me.

Part 4, people! No idea where this is going, I am making it up as i am going along! Enjoy :)

I closed my eyes, but didn’t fall asleep. My years of being alone and sleeping without someone keeping watch for dracs had made me a very light sleeper, and made it difficult to rest.
That, and I knew Party Poison had no intention of going to sleep. He had pulled his blanket over himself and rolled over, but hadn’t even reminded Ghoul that he was on first watch. I had been in a car with Party Poison for three hours, and had watched him direct the setting up of our camp.
He double and triple-checked everything, making sure everyone knew exactly what they were supposed to be doing.
He had checked if Kobra Kid got the right kind of petrol for their car.
He made sure Missile Kid didn’t forget the radio.
He made sure Jet Star paid the bill in Dr D’s.
There was no way he would go to sleep without checking Ghoul knew he was taking the first watch. My paranoia and general powers of deductive reasoning made me quite sure of that.
I waited. Kobra Kid’s breathing became slower and even. Jet Star began to snore quietly. Missile Kid had her mouth open and was curled up in a ball.
That was when Party Poison made his move. I didn’t hear him make a sound, but I had my eyes slightly open enough to see his dark shape move across the fire and over to Ghoul.
They started whispering, the crackling of the fire making it difficult to make out their words. I managed, however, and caught the general drift of their conversation.
“She seems harmless enough, Poison,” Ghoul said. The other killjoy shook his head vehemently. “She’s anything but harmless, Ghoul,” he replied. “She pulled a gun on me just for chatting her up. Dr D seems to think she’d happily shoot up anyone that gets in her way. And besides that, she’s a loner. You know what they can be like. God knows what she has in her past. Extreme trauma, making her too vicious for any killjoy to wanna be in her gang. She knew Dead Silence, Ghoul! You know what he was like…..they say even Korse was scared of him. I know most killjoys are united against BLi, but that doesn’t mean some of us aren’t……..barbaric. That’s the only way to describe it. We kill dracs, yeah, but Dead Silence was brutal. He used torture, Ghoul, and if she knew him and though he was a good man, god knows what she’s capable of!”
My blood boiled. How dare he? Dead Silence had been vicious, yes, but he had every reason to be. If Party Poison knew about him, then he knew that BLi had murdered his little girl, his daughter. If anyone had a right to torture dracs, it was Dead Silence.
“Why did you ask me to offer her a lift?” Ghoul said quietly. “Why bring her with us, if you thought she was so dangerous?”
Poison was silent for a moment, and then said, “You saw her when her car died – if it really did. She wanted me to ask. I needed to know if she had an ulterior motive. If she needed to be……..dealt with.”
I felt cold. Party Poison thought I was some pyscho who may need to be killed to protect others.
“She could be with BLi,” Ghoul said quietly.
I almost snapped and screamed at him. How DARE he? BLI? Me?
Never. Even the thought made me sick.
Party Poison, however, shook his head. “She’s not BLi,” he said. “Too many emotions. She laughs. She feels. She’s obviously not on any of their pills, so she’s probably not one of them.”
“Well lah-di-dah, yippee for me!” I said, sitting up, then standing. Poison and Ghoul jumped to their feet. “Jinxx, we-” Poison began, but I cut across him. “Save it,” I snapped. “You think I’m dangerous to other killjoys. You only want me here to keep an eye on me and make sure I keep my gun pointed at the dracs. Yeah, I get it. See you round, Party Poison. Or, even better, see you never.”
I turned and started walking away, not knowing where I was going, not caring.
I heard Party Poison yelling, coming after me, and started running. No-one catches me running, not in the dark, not on foot. I’m too fast.
Like Party Poison said, I’m a loner.
That was all I would ever be. His words, his lies, his ulterior motives, had made sure of that.