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My fanfic, please review!!!!


Right, here’s the deal. I don’t have some tragic, BLi-killed-my-family back story, okay? I forgot my old name ages ago, haven’t a clue what it is. I have no extraordinary powers. I’ve never been taken prisoner by the Scarecrow Unit.
The past doesn’t matter here. What matters is having a ray-gun and mask, shooting up Dracs and staying the hell outta Korse’s way, right? You get it?
I don’t care if you think I’m obnoxious. I don’t care if you’re a Drac and you wanna shoot me in the face. I’m a motherfreakin’ killjoy, and that’s all I am.
The name’s Jinxx Cyanide, and if you’re a killjoy too, keep running.
If you’re a Drac……
Turn around, drop your gun, and run for your pathetic, worthless life. The Fabulous Killjoys are coming to get you, and there ain’t nothing you can do about it.

So, as I said, the name’s Jinxx Cyanide. I’ve been roaming the zones pretty much alone for….I dunno, six years? I never had a gang, probably never will. I had some mates, but they were never really dedicated. Never really true killjoys, gave up eventually and went on the BLi drugs. Yeah, it gets a bit lonely some times, and that’s when I head down to Dr D’s diner in search of food and human contact…
That, as you may have guessed, was where I met Party Poison and his gang. I was sitting around, havin’ some food and spinning my gun around my finger (Don’t try it, it’ll cut you…..) when this Trans Am pulled up outside. It was pretty wrecked, graffitied all over, but in an awesome kinda way. Whoever was driving it (later found out it was Poison. Who else?) was a complete maniac. Nearly ran over this killjoy who was heading out.
Four guys and a little kid climbed out. I regarded them for a moment, curious. They were obviously killjoys, with the jackets, guns and masks, more of the usual bright colours and stuff….I was a bit like that, white gun with painted handprints around it, jeans covered in badges, patches and paint, but my black and silver Moonlit Medusa jacket made me a bit more nondescript. My mask was purple with diamonds over the eyes, brighter than almost anything else I wore.
The four killjoys came in, swaggering like they owned the place.
Oh no, I thought. Here come more god-complex hotshots…..I had met killjoys like that before, and such meetings had never ended well for them
Three of them and the kid sat down, but the one who appeared to be the leader, the one with the bright-red hair, came over to me.
“Hey,” he drawled, leaning arrogantly on the table and looking me up and down. I had seen guys like him before, alright. “I’m Party Poison, killjoy gang leader. I came in here to get some food and then, girl like her must have a pretty kickass name. You gonna tell me it?”I tensed slightly, ready for a scrape if he didn’t back off.
“Jinxx Cyanide,” I snarled. “And if I have your intention sussed, which I think I do, you had better back off before I kick you right where the sun don’t shine.”
Rather than looking bothered, his grin grew wider. “Jinxx Cyanide,” he said slowly. “There’s a name and a half. Perfect, though, for a feisty little thing like you.”
My fingers closed around my ray-gun, slowly drawing it out of my pocket. I wouldn’t have shot him unless things got really, really out of control, but he didn’t know that. “Party Poison,” I said softly, “Back off. Now.”
I could see his friends watching us, laughing. One of the guys had wild curly hair, like the little kid. I wondered if she was his daughter.
Party Poison actually laughed at that. “Come on, babes,” he wheedled. “Come sit with us. I’ll buy you a drink. And later, we can……”
I’d had enough. I whipped out my ray-gun and pointed it right between his eyes. “Back off,” I said furiously. As a girl killjoy, I had spent all my time in the Zones being harassed by either Dracs or guys like him.
“Is there a problem here?” a familiar voice came from behind me. I nearly sighed with relief at having some back-up.
“Yeah, Dr D,” I said, spinning around in my chair and standing up. Dr Death Defying was a pretty big guy, much bigger than that Party Poison fella. “This douche won’t leave me alone!”
To my surprise, Dr D laughed. He usually beat the living daylights out of anyone causing trouble in his diner, but, I realised to my growing horror, he appeared to be pretty good pals with this Party Poison guy.
“Alright, Poison,” he chuckled. “Who dared you to come over and antagonise Jinxx?” Party Poison grinned guiltily. “Ghoul,” he admitted, pointing at a small guy in a yellow t-shirt and green sleeveless jacket. He was one of his friends, at the table with the kid. “You know what he’s like.”
Dr D shook his head, and yelled over to him. “Oi! Fun Ghoul!”
The killjoy looked up, saw Dr D and muttered what was clearly a curse.
Wandering over to us, he said, “What’s up, Doc?”
Dr D glowered at him. “Nothing much, Bugs Bunny,” he said. “But you, you need to leave my other customers alone, alright? Little Miss Cyanide here’s an old pal ‘o mine, and a pretty scary lady. Been around the zones on her own for a long time, lookin’ after herself. I don’t want the likes o’ you annoying her.”
Fun Ghoul nodded, and grinned at me. “Yep,” he said. “Sorry, Miss Cyanide. If you can’t handle us being annoying, we’ll keep out distance.”
Dr D must have seen my face contorting into a murderous scowl, because he said quickly, “It ain’t Jinxx not being able to take it that I’m worried about. I’m worried about her flying off the handle with one of you, and shooting up my diner. You know the deal, unless BLi makes it in here, you take your gunfights outside. Thing is, if Jinxx had a gun in her hand and a mind to use it, I would be too busy getting the hell out of her way to get you outside. Clear?”
Ghoul nodded, looking at me with a newfound respect. Dr D’s respect wasn’t given lightly, and I had clearly earned it.
“Ok,” Fun Ghoul said. “You….I can buy you a drink, if you want. As an apology.”
I thought for a moment, then nodded. He seemed genuine enough, and I was outta money at that stage. I went over to their table with Fun Ghoul and Party Poison, waving my thanks at Dr D as I went. He shrugged and disappeared, probably off to make another pirate radio broadcast.
There were two other killjoys at the table, not counting the kid. “Hey, guys,” Fun Ghoul said. “This here is Jinxx Cyanide. She’s a loner, a friend of Dr D’s.”
He looked me and said, “You know me and Poison, so here’s Kobra Kid, Jet Star and Missile Kid.” He pointed at a skinny blonde fella, who waved (his mouth was full of coffee; I guessed it was the best he could do) and the guy with the curly hair, who said “Hi,” and then the little girl, who smiled.
Four guns and a motorcycle helmet with GOOD LUCK emblazoned across it sat on the table, as well as the keys to their Trans Am.
I sat down as Poison and Ghoul did so, and then the awkward silence commenced.
“So,” Ghoul said eventually. “You been in the zones for long?”
I gave him a withering look. “Probably longer than you,” I replied. “From the very beginning, right after the fires. I didn’t wait for BLi to show their true colours, I just left in case they were…..well, what they are.”
There was a moment of silence, and then Kobra Kid said. “So….you wanna order a drink or something? On us, obviously.”
I smiled at him. He seemed like a sweet guy, nicer than Ghoul, at any rate. “No thanks, I’m fine,” I said. “I had already finished when Poison came over and started getting in my face……”
Party Poison shifted guiltily. “Yeah….” He said awkwardly. “Sorry about that. Ghoul – ” “I know,” I cut across him. “Ghoul dared you. Whatever, we’re cool. I’m not gonna shoot you. Well, not now at any rate.”
“She’s got spunk,” Jet Star muttered, and I grinned. “Hell yeah, I do,” I said. “But I had better be going, gents. Dracs to exterminate and all that…….”
“Yeah, we had better go as well,” Poison said, and the other killjoys stood up. We walked to the door together, and Ghoul said, “See you round, I guess.”
“Bye,” I smiled, as they walked over to their Trans Am and I headed for my car. I drove a black Plymouth Roadrunner with luminous green spray-paint emblazoned across it. Yeah, I get bored really easily, and armed with a spray can……
I climbed in and shoved my keys in the ignition, turning it.
“Aw, nooooo!” I moaned, banging the dashboard as I turned the key again. “Come on, girl! Come on babes, don’t die on me!”
I had plenty of petrol, so that wasn’t the problem. I think, after three hard years in the zones with me, my faithful Plymouth had finally given up on life. The engine didn’t even make a sound. It was completely gone.
Cursing luck, fate, and pure misfortunate chance, I climbed out of my dead car, kicking the door closed and sitting on the bonnet. I had been planning to go to Zone Seven next, but now what the hell was I gonna do?
Seized by a sudden inspiration, I glanced sneakily over at Party Poison and company, who were getting petrol for their Trans Am. Maybe hitching a ride to Zone Seven, my next destination, wouldn’t be as hard as I thought.
I cursed loudly and kicked the front of my car, yelling with the pain that shot through my foot. Even with my custom leather boots, that hurt.
“Stupid car!” I yelled. “Now I’m screwed!”
Without even glancing at the other killjoys, I collapsed onto the ground in front of it and buried my face in my hands.
It was Fun Ghoul. I looked up at him. “Yeah?” I said, sounding world-weary and tired. “You wanna lift?” he asked. “You can hang with us for a while, if you want. You don’t have to be a complete loner……”
“Great!” I exclaimed, jumping to my feet. “Excellent. I’ll just give Dr D my keys so he can see if there’s anything that can be done for my poor baby……” I cast a regretful glance over my car, ran into the diner and left my keys, then joined the other killjoys in the back of their Trans Am. It was a tight fit, I’ll be the first to admit, and Kobra Kid ended up squished between Fun Ghoul and me, half sitting on his friend. “Dude, get your elbow outta my face!” Fun Ghoul complained, as Party Poison started the engine.
The music blared from Dr D’s radio channel. It was a familiar song, one most people knew. “You like Mad Gear and Missile Kid?” Kobra Kid asked me. I snorted. “Who doesn’t?” I said. Party Poison looked back at me and winked. “You can be my android girl anytime, darlin’,” he grinned. I smacked him around the back of the head. “Cool it, hotshot,” I smirked. “And if you like your face in the shape that it is, I’d avoid calling me darling’.”
Jet Star hooted with laughter at Party Poison’s face. “You tell him, Jinxx!” he laughed. “I’d stay outta her way, Poison, or someone’s gonna end up with their nose on the wrong side of their face……”
I realised, as we drove, that these killjoys treated each other with such a blatant lack of respect that it was hilarious. They also had no regard for the driver, (neither did I, I did smack the back of his head, after all) and Fun Ghoul even licked his finger and stuck it in Party Poison’s ear once. The red-haired killjoy nearly crashed the car. “Dude! Not cool, Ghoul,” he said, wiping at his ear with his sleeve. “Gross!”
Fun Ghoul and the rest of us howled with laughter as he tried to steer one-handed. Jet Star reached across and took hold of the wheel, keeping us on the road.
Night was falling when we reached Zone Six. It wasn’t safe to travel in the dark, so we parked the Trans Am to camp for the night. Party Poison lit a fire while Jet Star pulled a radio with BOOM written on it out of the car and tuned into Dr D.
“Look alive, sunshine…..” The familiar voice of Doctor Death Defying began his daily report to the zones. It didn’t sound good.
“Well, we lost three good Killjoys today, guys……Poison Orchid, Dead Silence and Demolition Moonlight, ghosted east of Route Guano. Steer clear of Zone Four, Korse is patrolling with twenty or so draculoids, and he ain’t taking any prisoners…..Just to make you happy, though, we exterminated twelve dracs today, seven of’em taken out by Poison Orchid and her gang when they took their last stand….a minute of silence, then for our fallen killjoys.”
There was a long minutes of heavy silence, and then the station went back to Mad Gear and Missile Kid.
“Did you know any of them?” Poison asked me. “We didn’t, I don’t think….”
“Yeah, I said quietly. “I knew Dead Silence. Good man, good killjoy. I’d say he fought to the end.”
More silence, and then Jet Star said, “Well, at least we took down another twelve dracs. Only….I dunno…..fifty thousand to go?” We all cracked a smile at that, however, bleak and true it might be. “Well, I’m off to sleep,” Party Poison yawned, pulling his blanket closer to the fire. “Wake me up if there’s any trouble. Sleep tight, don’t let the dracs bite.” We all muttered our assent and rolled over, ready to sleep. Fun Ghoul was keeping watch for a few hours, before waking Jet Star to take over.
I closed my eyes, but didn’t fall asleep. My years of being alone and sleeping without someone keeping watch for dracs had made me a very light sleeper, and made it difficult to rest.
That, and I knew Party Poison had no intention of going to sleep. He had pulled his blanket over himself and rolled over, but hadn’t even reminded Ghoul that he was on first watch. I had been in a car with Party Poison for three hours, and had watched him direct the setting up of our camp.
He double and triple-checked everything, making sure everyone knew exactly what they were supposed to be doing.
He had checked if Kobra Kid got the right kind of petrol for their car.
He made sure Missile Kid didn’t forget the radio.
He made sure Jet Star paid the bill in Dr D’s.
There was no way he would go to sleep without checking Ghoul knew he was taking the first watch. My paranoia and general powers of deductive reasoning made me quite sure of that.
I waited. Kobra Kid’s breathing became slower and even. Jet Star began to snore quietly. Missile Kid had her mouth open and was curled up in a ball.
That was when Party Poison made his move. I didn’t hear him make a sound, but I had my eyes slightly open enough to see his dark shape move across the fire and over to Ghoul.
They started whispering, the crackling of the fire making it difficult to make out their words. I managed, however, and caught the general drift of their conversation.
“She seems harmless enough, Poison,” Ghoul said. The other killjoy shook his head vehemently. “She’s anything but harmless, Ghoul,” he replied. “She pulled a gun on me just for chatting her up. Dr D seems to think she’d happily shoot up anyone that gets in her way. And besides that, she’s a loner. You know what they can be like. God knows what she has in her past. Extreme trauma, making her too vicious for any killjoy to wanna be in her gang. She knew Dead Silence, Ghoul! You know what he was like…..they say even Korse was scared of him. I know most killjoys are united against BLi, but that doesn’t mean some of us aren’t……..barbaric. That’s the only way to describe it. We kill dracs, yeah, but Dead Silence was brutal. He used torture, Ghoul, and if she knew him and though he was a good man, god knows what she’s capable of!”
My blood boiled. How dare he? Dead Silence had been vicious, yes, but he had every reason to be. If Party Poison knew about him, then he knew that BLi had murdered his little girl, his daughter. If anyone had a right to torture dracs, it was Dead Silence.
“Why did you ask me to offer her a lift?” Ghoul said quietly. “Why bring her with us, if you thought she was so dangerous?”
Poison was silent for a moment, and then said, “You saw her when her car died – if it really did. She wanted me to ask. I needed to know if she had an ulterior motive. If she needed to be……..dealt with.”
I felt cold. Party Poison thought I was some pyscho who may need to be killed to protect others.
“She could be with BLi,” Ghoul said quietly.
I almost snapped and screamed at him. How DARE he? BLI? Me?
Never. Even the thought made me sick.
Party Poison, however, shook his head. “She’s not BLi,” he said. “Too many emotions. She laughs. She feels. She’s obviously not on any of their pills, so she’s probably not one of them.”
“Well lah-di-dah, yippee for me!” I said, sitting up, then standing. Poison and Ghoul jumped to their feet. “Jinxx, we-” Poison began, but I cut across him. “Save it,” I snapped. “You think I’m dangerous to other killjoys. You only want me here to keep an eye on me and make sure I keep my gun pointed at the dracs. Yeah, I get it. See you round, Party Poison. Or, even better, see you never.”
I turned and started walking away, not knowing where I was going, not caring.
I heard Party Poison yelling, coming after me, and started running. No-one catches me running, not in the dark, not on foot. I’m too fast.
Like Party Poison said, I’m a loner.
That was all I would ever be. His words, his lies, his ulterior motives, had made sure of that.
I soon shook him off. There was no way he would find me now.
I was faced with a dilemma, then. I had to get back to Dr D’s and my car, but we had driven at high speed all afternoon and were at least fifty miles away. There were bound to be dracs between here and the diner, and I was on foot. There was no way I was going to make it. I had no food, very little water, and I was alone in the middle of the desert.
I briefly considered going back and stealing their Trans Am, but the thought of Missile Kid made me stop. I had no objection to leaving the others stranded and in serious trouble, like I was, but that sweet little girl had done nothing to deserve it. I couldn’t have that on my conscience.
And, more importantly, Poison kept the keys in his pocket, even when asleep. The chances of me getting the keys and getting away were next to nothing.
Sighing, I sat down and started formulating a plan. I had my backpack, which I never let out of my sight, and in it was one flask of water, a lighter, some spare matches in case the lighter didn’t work, and my own tiny radio. Dr D’s updates could be the difference between life and death out in the desert. Every killjoy carries a radio, and I was no exception.
My plan was coming along nicely. I was about three miles from Route Guano, and some killjoys were bound to pass by eventually. It would be a risk, and the place would be crawling with dracs, but it was the only plan I had.
Shouldering my backpack, I headed off into the night.
I reached Route Guano quickly enough, ignoring the fatigue pulling me down. I hadn’t slept yet, and it was three o’clock in the morning. I wondered what Poison and his gang were doing. Probably sleeping, I thought bitterly, glad to be rid of me.
I lay in wait at the edges of Route Guano, watching for a car or motorbike heading for Zone 6.
A car did come soon enough, with an escort of motorbikes. BLi motorbikes, being ridden by dracs.
I lay low, thankful for my dark jacket, making me inconspicuous.
The car still stopped, however, and I got my gun ready and prepared to run. However, it seemed that the dracs had stopped to make camp, not because they had spotted me.
One of then opened the door of the car to allow the driver to climb out.
A pair of boots.
A grey coat.
Ruffled shirt.
Bald head and dark eyes gleaming with malice……
“Make camp here!” the Exterminator barked, climbing out of the car and turning to the dracs. I crouched lower, my heart beating fast. Thankfully, they headed to the other side of the road, but not before I heard Korse say, “It’s too dark, now. We’ll find them tomorrow. Take the kid, but leave them alive. I want the pleasure of killing them myself, especially their leader. The red-haired one….” He trailed off into dark mutterings, but I had caught his drift well enough.
They were after Party Poison and his gang, and they were on exactly the right track.

I ran. Suddenly, nothing Party Poison had said mattered any more. I had only known them for a few hours, but all of a sudden, saving those four killjoys and the little girl seemed more important than anything else.
I was exhausted and could feel fatigue closing in on me, but still I kept running.
For what must have been an hour, I ran. Eventually, I reached – or rather, stumbled into – the sight of the camp we had set up. The beginnings of the dawn light were creeping over the edges of the horizon, bringing with them the threat and fear of Korse and his draculoids.
I was exhausted, and it took me a moment to breathe and become aware of my surroundings.
Looking around, my heart sank. The fire was out. The Trans Am was gone. Party and his gang had moved on, and they had no idea that Korse was so close behind them.
I had only one thought at that moment.
“No!” I whispered, collapsing onto the sandy ground. “No, no no!”
I could hardly believe this. Within the space of twenty-four hours, I had found a gang, lost them and now, they were going to be killed by Korse and his draculoids.
I hadn’t cried in more than six years, but I was pretty damn close now.
I was on my knees, sitting back on my heels, exhausted. My breathing was ragged an I could feel fatigue closing in on me. However, I knew that Korse would catch up with me if I stayed in one place too long. I could have ten minutes rest, and then I would have to keep running.
That was it, though, wasn’t it? Korse’s mantra, BLi’s aim – to keep us running. Keep us running until we could run no more. Keep us running until we simply collapsed, an easily kill.
As easy a kill as Party and his gang would be, because I hadn’t warned them. I knew they would all put up one hell of a fight, down to their last ounce of strength, but it wouldn’t be enough. I had seen how many Dracs Korse had with him. There was no way they could come out the other side of a fight like that alive. They were as good as dead, already.
I was lifted from my dark thoughts by the tiniest of noises behind me. There was a cluster of dry, sun-bleached bushes, perfect for hiding someone.
It wasn’t even a footstep, not even a snapping twig.
It was a breath. A slight breath in the quiet, windless desert.
And then a step. The sound of a gun sliding out of a sheath. A pause. Hesitation.
I had survived for six years alone. My senses were sharp and my reflexes fast. No moment of hesitation that obvious could be let slip past.
I was up and around in a split second, gun in hand and finger on the trigger.
“Don’t shoot!” the cry came immediately. I paused, still ready. No Drac would yell ‘don’t shoot.’ They didn’t have the intelligence.
Just outside the dead bushes, having moved forward not quite quietly enough, was Fun Ghoul.
“Drop your gun,” I said calmly, finger taut on the trigger. “Don’t think you’ll pull your trigger faster than I’ll pull mine.”
I was well aware that my actions would probably confirm Poison’s assumption that I was dangerous to other killjoys, but I didn’t care.
To my surprise, Fun Ghoul dropped his gun straight away. He almost looked relieve. “Jinxx,” he said, “Look, I wasn’t glad when you ran away. Party was only suspicious, he wasn’t going to do anything rash. Is that really so bad? Being cautious?”
“Who is he?” I snarled. “Who is he, to take it upon himself to deal with other killjoys? Why should he pretend to be a good person, pretend to make friends with someone, when really he’s only doing it so he can kill them if needs be?”
“Jinxx, I – ” Fun Ghoul began, but I cut him off. “There’s Dracs coming this way,” I said. “Korse is leading them. They know where you are, and they’re after you. They’ll be here in less than hour. There’s more of them than you can take, enough to scour the area searching for you.”
Fun Ghoul looked shocked. “Why are you telling me this?” he said.
My eyes were steely. “Don’t think I’m doing this for you, or Party, or Jet or Kobra Kid,” I snarled. “But that little girl is only ten years old, and Korse wants her alive. I will not stand by and let her be taken alive and turned into one of them. I know Party send you back here to kill me, Ghoul, but I don’t care. Now pick up your gun and leave. Get in your Trans Am and drive as fast as you can, away from here. Go.”
He looked at me blankly.
“Go!” I yelled. “Now, Fun Ghoul!”
“What about you?” he asked. “Those Dracs will be looking everywhere for us; they’ll find you.
“Pick up your gun,” I said, sheathing my own. “And go.”
“No,” he said, picking up his weapon. “We’re not leaving without you, Jinxx. Party will agree. Come with us. There’s space in the car, and even if there wasn’t, we can’t just leave you here.”
“Go,” I said softly. “Just do one thing for me.”
Fun Ghoul bit his lip, but nodded. “Yeah?” he said quietly.
I smiled slightly. “Remember me,” I said. “And tell people about the scary loner who took on a battalion of Dracs to save a little kid.”
He sighed and nodded. It was clear that I wasn’t going to come with them. “Jinxx Cyanide, it was a pleasure knowing you,” he said softly. I shrugged. “Wish I could say the same to you, Ghoul,” I said, turning away.
“Now go.”
I didn’t turned around again, but I knew he was gone.
I stood in that spot for quite some time, waiting a listening. Eventually, I heard cars in the distance, getting closer and closer. Closer still, until I turned and saw Korse and his Dracs driving towards me. The black car crashed through the dead bushes where Fun Ghoul had been standing, and swerved to a halt when Korse saw me. The Dracs halted, pulling out white guns.
Korse smiled evilly. “And who might you be?” he asked mockingly, knowing that I had no way to escape.”
I smiled. I had wondered what my death would be like, and this seemed rather fitting. Live alone, die alone.
“My name is Jinxx Cyanide,” I said, spinning my gun around my finger. “I’m a Fabulous freakin’ Killjoy, and I, Korse, am the end of you.”
I flipped my gun and fired with lightning speed, a blast of light shooting towards Korse’s head. The Exterminator was fast, however, and leapt aside at the last second. God, he was fast. I had never fought him before, but the fact that the Exterminator had fought and beaten so many killjoys was a testimony to his skill.
And the fact that I had survived all this time was a testimony to mine.
Korse raised his gun and slowly, deliberately, fired six shots at me. I jumped aside with a cocky grin, returning fire and twisted away from his retaliation shots.
“Draculoids,” Korse snarled, dropping his smile, “Exterminate her!”
I didn’t waste a millisecond. A storm of yellow rays came shooting at me, and I executed the last move I had up my sleeve. I crouched slightly, waiting until they were about to connect, and then launched myself backwards, over the rays, flipping mid-air and landing lightly on my feet.
Backflip with a twist. Flashy, impressive, and very, very effective.
There was a moment of stunned silence, and then Korse screamed an unintelligible order at the Dracs. They looked at him to see what he meant, and I seized the moment. I turned and sprinted for it, getting ready to turn when they came after me. I would not die with my back to them, but nor would I let them get my without some kind of escape attempt. I had reputation to maintain to maintain after all, even my death.
I heard Dracs yelling, screaming and the sound of a car coming up behind me. I sprinted until my lungs were burning and my muscles seizing up, but I knew I couldn’t outrun Korse’s car. I heard the Exterminator bellowing with rage –
Hang on, what? The Exterminator was in his car, how I hear him bellowing…..?
A car drove past me and swerved to a halt just ahead of me.
Party Poison climbed out of the Trans Am and wrenched open the passenger door. “Get in,” he said furiously. “Get in, you stupid girl, before they catch up with us!” I glanced back, and saw Draculoids running towards us, Korse climbing into his car and stepping on the accelerator.
I looked at Party Poison. I looked at Korse.
As much as Party had pissed me off, I knew who I preferred.
I climbed into the passenger seat, and Poison leapt back behind the wheel. He slammed on the pedals and we raced forward, driving at insane speed, leaving a trail of kicked-up sand behind us.
I looked back and saw Korse and his draculoids in hot pursuit, but once we hit Route Guano, I knew we had lost them.
“Hell,” I said. “This is one fast car.”
Party Poison still had the accelerator floored. “Yeah,” he said, through gritted teeth. “I know.” He sounded angry.
“Why are you mad?” I said, irritated. “I did nothing. You only gave me a lift because you thought I might have to be ‘dealt with.’ You sent Ghoul to kill me!”
Party Poison was looking straight ahead, his eyes fixed on the road. “I know,” he said, eventually. “I know I did. And you came back. And you warned us. You saved all of our lives, and then you were willing to die.”
And then I realised he wasn’t angry with me. He was angry with himself.”
“You called me stupid,” I added, grinning. He shot me a grudging smile. “You were stupid,” he said. “You could have come back with Ghoul and saved us this entire fiasco.”
I shrugged. “What can I say?” I grinned. “I knew you would enjoy the drama of saving a damsel in distress.”
He rolled his eyes. “Jinxx, if I had been the one calling you a damsel in distress, you would have shot me,” he said. I nodded. “Yep,” I said. “And if you ever tell anyone I said that, I will hunt you down and kill you.”
Party Poison laughed, and, in a pretty cheesy manner, we drove away into the sun……rise? Okay, we drove away into the sunrise. Whatever.


They dropped me back to Dr. Death Defying’s Diner. Ghoul and Poison begged me to stay with them, but, as I pointed out, there wasn’t any room in the Trans Am. Besides, Dr. D had found a guy who had repaired my Plymouth Roadrunner, and I had a couple of friends who would need a ride around. It looked like I would have my own Killjoy gang after all – my friends Lithium Sorrows and Adrenaline Monster would certainly be cool to have around.
Missile Kid ran forward and threw her arms around me as the other four said goodbye with slaps on the back, hand-shakes and high fives. Fun Ghoul tried to stick a wet finger in my ear, but I grabbed it and bent it back before he could. He yelped in pain, but laughed about it and backed off.
Party Poison smiled, a little sadness in his eyes. “See you round, Jinxx,” he said. I grinned. “Bye Poison,” I said, and then he and the others climbed into their Trans Am and drove away.
I smiled and walked off, climbing behind the wheel of my car. The familiar smell of leather seats made me grin, and, before driving off, I switched on the radio.
I grinned at that, and turned on the engine.
Open road, great car, and Mad Gear and Missile Kid.
Boots tight, gun close, and mask on.
The Zones await, Killjoys!
Keep running.
Jinxx Cyanide