The last

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The last

Okay, so I've been thinking (instead of doing my homework) and I've realised how much my life has changed in the last year.

I'm in a different school.
I play WAY more sports.
I'm friends with an American who I converted to MCR (don't worry, Dren, you're awesome :) )
I converted to My Chemical Romance and to rock music in general

I mean, WOW. Since discovering MCR, I've totally changed. I'm a lot more creative, my room is covered in rock posters, I'm a devout Kerrang reader, and I play electric guitar. I cut my hair short (but it's growing out again, I need another new do) and I draw (badly) and am customising my own killjoy jacket.

If the kids I was in school with for the last few years saw me now, I don't think most of them would recognise me. And that's a good thing.