Hunger Games movie - quick review!!

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Hunger Games movie - quick review!!

Lithium Sorrows got tickets to a preview of the Hunger Games - it's out tomorrow here - and we went to see it.
It was AMAZING!!!!!! Seriously, it was really true to the book, they hardly changed anything at all, and didn't really leave that much out either.
It really gave me a new perspective on the HUnger Games, made me see scary things in it that I didn't pick up on in the book - like, when Cato and the Careers find Katniss. They're running along, laughing, pushing each other, and then they laugh even more and yell, "There she is!"
What's scary about that is, they look like any normal teenagers, on a camping trip or something. And then you're tihnking about it like....they want to KILL her, and they will eventually KILL each other.
I know HG's not real, obviously, but it can be quite disturbing sometimes. I mean, the mob mentality of nobody from the Capitol trying to stop the Games, president Snow's reason for havign them in the first's a pretty accurate analysis of human mentality.

But yeah, on a less deep note, it's a great movie, and Peeta is HOT!!! What happened it Josh? He was the chubby little kid in Bridge to Terabithia!!

But anyways, thanks a million Lith for bringing me along :)