Project Unity Update

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Project Unity Update

First off, thanks to everyone who commented!! I didn't expect such a good reception!!

To whoever asked if they could make a flyer: Of course!! Free to make flyers, posters, videos, whatever you want. Art is the weapon; sound familiar?

Tell your friends, tell other fandoms, tell anyone who will get it.

I thought something like this would be just what we needed on a personal level as MCR fans. Plus, if the comments I've read on YouTube are any indication, a lot of other fandoms feel alienated as well. Maybe we ALL need a bit of support.

Let's all show our pride and try to get other people to understand why we are the way we are. Music can heal, unite, and make a difficult life a little brighter. I feel like all too often, people judge something before getting to know it just because it's so outside the box. Let's not just play our music; let's explain why we're playing it. Then maybe, just maybe, one more person will understand it and pass it on.


Wear your merch, blast your music, and spread your message. This is going to be AMAZING.


~Cellophane Destroya <3