Dortmund Fan Tour Reports

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Dortmund Fan Tour Reports

On November 5th, 2010, My Chemical Romance brought the “World Contamination Tour” to through Dortmund, Germany. Tour reporters Sara J. and Sascha B. were on the scene.

“...when the band hit the stage, there was no holding back. Dr.Death Defying hadn't finished his introduction, the first chord of "NA NA NA" hadn't sounded, but the crowd already went nuts.” - Sascha B.

“You could feel the anticipation in the air from both long time fans and people that have just started to listen to the band. No one knew what to expect. Then the lights went out....” - Sara J.

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Full Reports:

Sara J.

Hello Killjoys & Motorbabies!

”Welcome Back My Chemical Romance” has been the theme through out the tour. As I followed the band through all the countries they played in on the tour, there would always be a message for the band, in different forms, welcoming them back.

The last concert of The World Contamination Tour, this round, set out at Vision Present Show @ FZW in Dortmund, Germany. You could feel the anticipation in the air from both long time fans and people that have just started to listen to the band. No one knew what to expect. Then the lights went out and you could hear the words of Dr. Death Defying and everyone turn their excitment into loudly screams and cheers.

The band played a mix of song from the previous three albums and the upcoming one. We got to hear the new single ”SING” live for the first time and I think it is a song that summarizes the new sound for this band. A new addition to the setlist was also ”House Of Wolves” which was so nice to hear live. You could easily make out the band on the stage because of their individual colours but you could also notice the shadows in the background which was made out of Mike (from The Bled) on the drums and James (featured on The Black Parade Is Dead!
) on keyboard. They did an amazing job that added to the dynamic show.

Half way through the set the crowd spontaneously started to sing a song in german that sounded like a football anthem. Finally, after some confusion, both me and the band got it explaned for us that it was a celebration song for Gerard’s new hair.

There was a backdrop switch between the main set and the encore. On the new backdrop it said ”We Are Your MCRmy”. I think everyone in the venue stood behind that message while the last notes of ”The Kids From Yesterday” rang out. The last words from Gerard was ”this is my favorite band” and it feels like everyone that saw one or more shows on this tour couldn’t agree more. The love and support for this band grows bigger and bigger for each day. It’s just something special about this band that words can’t describe.

I’m proud to be a member of this family!


Sascha B.

DATE: 11/05/2010
ZONE: Dortmund, Germany
STATUS: Contaminated since 11/05/2010

So, this was My Chemical Romance's last show on their pre album release trip to europe in Dortmund, Germany. And boy, did they leave a mark. The show took place in the FZW (Freizeitzentrum West, for those who care) and was hosted by german VISIONS magazine.

Doors opened around 19:00 and the crowd started to gather in front of MCR's stage. You have to know, there were actually three stages in that venue. One for "Kvelertak" from Norway, one for local heroes "Remember" and by far the biggest for MCR. I almost felt bad for those two other bands, because they were almost neglected by the audience. But this evening was not about other bands, it was about My Chemical Romance's glorious return to the world's stages after what seemed like an eternity to us fans.

So much for the Intro, on to my personal experience with the band. After getting my photo credentials I met up with my tour-reporter colleague for the evening, lovely Sara from Sweden, next to the stage and the wait began. After some time we were picked up and led backstage to meet up with the boys. Now I'm sure everyone that has met them before will agree, but I have to say, the four guys are probably some of the nicest, most humble and caring guys in the world. They each introduced themselves to us and shook hands, signed stuff, took a photo and had a quick chat with us. It was short (though I guess a meet+greet can NEVER be long enough), but awesome. Thanks to Warner and the band for making this possible, you made this a very special night for us.

After that it was time for us to take our places right in front of the stage. And when the band hit the stage, there was no holding back. Dr.Death Defying hadn't finished his introduction, the first chord of "NA NA NA" hadn't sounded, but the crowd already went nuts. This is such a great live-song. Personal highlight: High-fived Gerard during the song. AWESOME! "NA NA NA" was followed by "Thank you for the Venom" and "Planetary(GO)". That was a sweat inducing start, but they didn't feel like giving the crowd a break to catch their breath. "I'm not okay" followed, then "Desolation Row" ,which I was really psyched about, and "Our Lady of Sorrows". Six songs into the set, it was time to catch your breath, grab your girl (or boy, or maybe both : D) and take your lighters out for "I don't love you". Just Beautiful.

Next up, the "House of Wolves" opened it's doors. Then we were treated to "The only Hope for me is you", "Welcome to the black parade", "Mama" and "Helena". Something special happened next. The Dortmund crowd experienced something, no one had experienced before. You've surely seen the trailer already and heard the song, but that night MCR performed "Sing" live for the very first time. And even though the song has been publicly available for only a few days, some people were already singing along. That's dedication. "Teenagers" followed and then, starting with a beautiful piano intro, a version of "The Ghost of you" that seemed to be a bit slower than usual, but still packed the same emotional punch it did for years. The band left the stage after "Famous last words".

The crew lowered the bands backdrop, the US flag with the spider on it, and raised a very special "We are your MCRMY" backdrop, before Gerard alone took the stage again for "Cancer". Still as moving as ever. While they played the whole show for us, the fans, the night's very last song was, as Gerard announced, for the band itself, "The Kids from yesterday". When ending the song, they left the stage one by one, leaving Mikey and the drummer for the song's outro. And Mikey-Fucking-Way really shined during this awesome bass-solo. And that wrapped up the night, the lights went on after about 90 minutes of relentless rocking with the world's greatest band (there, I said it) and the world's best fans.

The Killjoys made a lot of noise that night and if you guys read this, make some noise for yourselves! Sooooo looking forward to seeing them again next year and the album in 16 days.

yours truly, Sascha B

Set List:

Na Na Na
Thank You For The Venom
Planetary (Go!)
I'm Not Okay (I Promise)
Desolation Row
Our Lady Of Sorrows
I Don't Love You
House Of Wolves
The Only Hope For Me Is You
Welcome To The Black Parade
The Ghost Of You
Famous Last Words
The Kids From Yesterday