Romance... <3

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Romance... <3

I've been feeling oddly romantic, I've been thinking of it and it's been making me happy. Now, I like someone, but they don't like me in the same way, and before I make this a sappy fifteen-year-old girl heartbreak blog, lemme say's starting to not matter. Actually, my, uh, fondness is gravitating towards someone else--I realize we're actually very close. I had recently helped him with a problem--it's quite personal, please don't ask-- but he completely trusted me to help him out. I've known him for awhile, actually...we went to school together until 6th grade, and I'm friends with his cousin. Anyway...I know I'm babbling, but I cannot help such a thing. ^^

Anyways, cousin and I officaily graduate from the 8th grade! Woohoo! We got my dress today. It's white with grey-black flowers. :D I love it so...<3


Ps: My captcha was PWNKD...kinda reminds me of "Pwnd kid". XDD