Killjoy Movie! (Sign & Re-Post)

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Killjoy Movie! (Sign & Re-Post)

An idea has been brought up upon us Killjoys….Danger Days: The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys: The MOVIE! It’s got a ring to it as a MOVIE title, eh?
So anyway, if you think that it would be totally and spazztacularly awesome for the MCR guys to try to put something like this together…then sign below! you can put your Killjoy name, your real name, your nickname, your aunts name, your pets name...whatever floats your boat! long as you sign it!!!!! hahahaha

Let’s get this petition going, Killjoys!! I’ll start :)
sign and repost!

once again...for a MOVIE :) <3

1. Cyanide Apocalypse (Kimia P.)
2. Poison Pride (Alexa F.)
3. A Different Kind Of Normal
4. Inhaling Water
5. Killjoy6999
6.BlackOut aka. Dani Califormia
7.Screaming Earthquake (Sami D.)
8. Enya-Rose♥
9. Pain Charm (Remy R.)
10. RayGun Ransom(Karly K.)
11.Kaitlyn K.
12. Roxy S.
13. Spikey S.
15. Cathy K.
16. Madeline F
17. Black Frequency (Isi G:)
18. Adrenaline Revolver (Elizabeth G.)
19. Pain Charm (Remy R.)
20. Forbidden Way (Lilli-Tiger T.)
21. Midnight Angel < 3
22. Isolated Idiot (Ines :D)
23. Radio Star XD (Hanna M.)
24. Glitter Freeze (Kim Richards)
25. Chemical Bat (Sara K.)