half a year

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half a year

very much happened since august. i would even call them the strangest months of my life. some good days and many terrible weeks in between. but it starts to get better, i think.

I'm quite good at playing the guitar now. i love it and i can really imagine to start a band if I get the chance. in a few months i will move to a town close to our village and go to a new school. i really look forward to leave this miserable school.

okay. like one year ago i had about 10 cds.
yesterday i had 23.
today i have 27. i went shopping and bought 5 awesome albums, and there are still 13 left on my list. i made this list during the last nights when i couldn't sleep.
it will be an intense music-week :)

when i started this blog, i listened to this song by the white stripes which has been on this simpsons-episode - you know, where bart starts playing the drums. now i'm listening to the bob dylan - i don't know the song yet.
god, i love music so much...

xo <3

if you'd mix the looks of gerard way and johnny depp, jack white would come out.