What Project?

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What Project?

So this summer, (being a total Art nerd), I MUST have projects to work on. I'm getting paid a good $40 for a Lady Gaga portrait, but that'll be finished in a week maximum.

I have plenty of paper, plenty of supplies. I'm not fantastic in painting-- but I could do it. I'm more dominant in graphite.
I have large paper, small paper, medium paper, coloured paper, everything.
I can do graphic art (with Photoshop CS2,) teeshirt painting, Converse coloring... xD
Hell, I'll go out and buy clay for a sculpture.


Any ideas on what to create?
Anything to draw?

This will more than likely be for myself-- I have yet to actually draw anything for myself. It's always for friends, which, I've never been paid for any of them. Those were more of practice on pleasing...

I'm slowly fading out of writing, but that's okay. I had a really long streak of that.
Now, I want to focus on improving my art skills, photography skills, and possibly music skills. (With my dad being a musician, I have all of the resources I would ever need...)

My dad and i always come up with these things we could do, like, go out and photograph all of the graffiti in Cincinnati. Or perform a short story of mine with narration, music and visuals...

I don't know.

I just need inspiration, ideas.
Preferably regarding my favorite bands. xD

The Used?
You name it.

Mercury Strike