Well, I Won. And I Completely Lost, Too.

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Well, I Won. And I Completely Lost, Too.

This'll be my last blog for a while.
98.45% chance my dad will take away everything I have. Computer... phone... T.V... music.

Fucking hell, I hope he doesn't take away my music.

Remember a couple blogs ago? That long, intricate rant about my father and my singing?

Well, we confronted each other; he's pissed that I quit on him. After like, 2.5 weeks of working on it.
Oh Well, Paul McCartney'll sound just as good? And I never fucking played Let It Be for my grandmother.

Lying bastard.

Not only that, but my parents found out I had a Facebook. *glares at Megan; my mortal enemy.*

Yeah, I'm so clever to use a proxy server and then figure out how to disable the Facebook block afterwards.


I'm proud of myself. Keeping my bad-ass/intelligent reputation.
I should hate it, but I can't get enough.

I haven't eaten anything since my dad last talked to me... which has been about, eh, 22 hours. And I'm still going.

Hunger strike until I talk to my own fucking father again.

Hell, my parents already think I have an eating disorder... So what if I dislike nearly every Italian and American food?! it doesn't mean I won't eat?
So... they'll probably take me to a doctor to figure out my apparent "anorexic" issue. *rolls eyes*

My mom's pissed because I betrayed my vow to never get on Facebook, my sister's always mad at something, and like I said: my dad's too angry to even talk to me.

So.. only two good things has happened in the last few weeks.
I went to my first MCR concert, and I'm painting my room this moment.

Other than that? I'm living in hell.

Later Killjoys,
X Mercury Strike <3