The Night Of The Hunter

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The Night Of The Hunter

Anybody seen this movie?
I just finished watching it.
It was really good, but I still don't understand what happened in the court room when John didn't speak up about the preacher.
And what even happened to the preacher? Either I didn't get it or I didn't hear it well (my sister was jibber-jabbering xD).

Nasty old man.

God I just hate it when people (or story plots, per se) harm children in any way. I mean, who threatens little children like he did?! It's not right.

But eh, it was just a movie.
And goodness I loved it in black and white. It wouldn't have been as dramatic otherwise. Same goes for The Bad Seed, another great suspense movie. It's not really scary, just a bit surprising? xD

I love those kinds of movies.