I Love Christmastime.

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I Love Christmastime.

Every year, after we buy our real spruce Xmas tree, my sister and I camp out in the dining room below the beautifully decorated gymnosperm (or conifer, or plant, or well, my Christmas tree...).

I usually have Black Parade playing on the soft speakers we have (it happened coincidentally one year, so we usually repeat it for a laugh), but sometimes we switch it up and play the enchanting Christmas album my mom got oh-so-many years ago, with all of the traditional songs you usually hear on oldies' stations.
(No Mariah Carey, or Justin Bieber...)

So right this moment, my sister's down-downstairs in the long room playing video games with my dad, while I'm downstairs underneath the tree typing this blog while listening to White Christmas by the ever-glorious Bing Crosby.

The room smells heavenly, that usual pine smell that targets my olfactory senses to initiate my Christmas spirit.

That is.. if I feel like having a Christmas spirit.
I know last year, I was slightly depressed due to friendship issues, but this year, I'll make it my goal to have a nice, sweet holiday without my bitter sister or my confusing friends getting in the way. Of course, I'll spend time with both, but I'll make sure not to let anything really get to me. It ruined last year, and I want to make it a bit better

This song, White Christmas, was used in my dad's last live theatre production of Stalag 17, and it was such a wonderful time in which I was so proud of him. It was around my birthday, and despite the fact that I didn't see him a whole lot at home with us, I got to tag along to the theatre to help him with the light and sound boards, and I got to see him direct his last and final play. It takes so much of a toll on him, because, if you knew my dad, he's probably the hardest working man I've ever known. He devotes all of his time and everything else towards theatre just as my mom does with acting, and he directs a hell-of-a-good play.
Like, awards all around and completely sold-out shows.

Although Christmas is NOT my favorite holiday, (Ieroween is,) it is definitely my favorite time of year, or ... well.. second favorite holiday?

Ohmygosh. I can't wait for rum cake this year. Missy makes such good cake...

Oh, I also open my presents on Christmas day.

How do you guys celebrate Xmas, or Hanukkah, or Kwanzaa, or the winter "holiday" season in general?

Are there any special traditions or memories you have?


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