Eh. Sickness Sucks.

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Eh. Sickness Sucks.

Not feeling my very best. Since Friday, I've had a sore throat, and since yesterday my head's been clogged up and it's hard to concentrate or remember something.
I usually get this abrupt cold/sore throat twice a year, so it's nothing too stranger, but hte lack of concentration is fairly new. I can't really remember how I got to bed last night, and I woke up in a cold sweat because I realised the time was 6:17am... and for some reason, I thought I was to be late for school. Even though 0 bell rings at 7:45? And I didn't even go to school today, I feel like shit.
So.. yeah, random bouts of fear and confusion, as well as a block causing slight short-term memory loss. xD

I'm going to miss my marching band performance on Friday- I'm going to a Reds game with my uncle, and then possibly staying the night at his house with my sister.
I saw him for the first time since like, February at the funeral last Saturday. He's looking pretty good, but Bishop (his wife- and we call her by her last name? xD Weird. Her name's, like, Christina, I think. I've always called her Bishop. Like everyone else) was very antsy and paranoid. She didn't seem quite right. Worried, I guess.
I haven't been to a Reds game this year. In fact, I think I've only been to like, four Reds games. In case you don't live in the US, or aren't a fan of MLB, the Reds is the ML baseball team for Cincinnati, Ohio.
I live in Cincinnati.

You know what's weird? Imogen Heap is the cure for every sickness I have.
In fifth grade, I had this terrible rash of like, poison oak, to the point where I had to take horse pills three times a day, smear this fucking medicine all over my left side (it spread from mid-torso, to up the underside of my arm and my neck...), and pray to the sky it wouldn't itch so bad like it had been. (I was out of school for nearly and entire week, but then finally manned up) However, the long, itchy hours I was at home, I listened to my Imogen Heap CD, and, believe it or not (I even did an experiment with this) out of the three possible variables (no music, My Chemical Romance, and then Imogen Heap) the rash itched less when I listened to Imogen Heap.
Then later last year, I had something close to pertussis, and I couldn't fucking stop coughing. Some nights, I'd be up because I was afraid I might cough up my brains. I listened to her.... you can figure out the rest.
I stopped coughing.

So whenever I get a cold or a rash now, I listen to her, because she's my steroids for getting over sicknesses. I swear by it.
But I guess you have to love Imogen Heap as much as I do, which is a lot.

.... I got a new keyboard, because my last one was turning to shit and was too small, and too sensitive for my reckless typing. :P This one is near de-sensitized, I guess, because it takes a lot to capitalize my 'I's, so I've been editing the uncapitalized ones. Sorry if I missed any.

OH! I got my internet back! I mowed the lawn.
And my dad gave it back, thinking I've been helpful enough, and that I've learned my lesson.
I love the lawn mower now.

Junior High is stupid, actually.
We're still being taught like we're in kindergarten, I swear.
I could just punch my English teacher, and then kill the History teacher.

I've managed, however, to get into 9th grade math!
And I'm in 7th grade!
So, my two favorite classes are Tech 7 and Algebra 1(our school offers this in 9th grade, yes, I know, some people take it in 8th), which both coincidentally have the best teachers in the world.
Mr. Copeland is Tech 7 - funniest and most cheerful black man I've ever met, XD, and Mr. Riffle in Algebra - he sort of reminds me of Jasper in Children of Men... he looks the same *I MEAN EXACTLY THE SAME X_X* and has that braniac-sense-of-humour. xD
Cracking jokes about double negative integers = priceless.

I sorted things out with Michelle.
After crying in front of her as we talked, she said, "Fuck my dad. You are still my best friend," and it's been like that since Monday. =]
I've been able to talk to my favorite redhead.
No, I am not my favorite redhead, Michelle is.
I'm not /that/ narcissistic. xD

Gotta love you all, Killjoys.
Thank you for bearing through my awkward blog post... I feel so relieved now. I would've talked to Evan, but he's all the way in a Canadian school, so... he's sort of unavailable until around 4. :P

X Mercury Strike.