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I had so much fun.

I skipped Blink, I would've been trampled by angry drunk men.

MCR did, if I remember *and in no specific order*

Na Na Na
Vampire Money
I'm Not Okay
Planetary (GO!)
Famous Last Words

I hope I got 'em all, and, as I said, in no specific order. It's hard enough to remember them when you're headbanging and fist pumping and singing a long all at the same time.

Elayna, her brother, and I were the only ones jumping up and down on the left side of the lawn. Two or three groups asked to take a picture with us, and one gal complimented Elayna's brother's pants. XD The pants were white with big pink, red and neon green polka-dots. Elayna made them. =]

My hair had been straight this morning; now it's curly and frizzy and sweaty.

I'll probably lose my voice tomorrow; I screamed and sang like hell.
Every time Gee mentioned Cincinnati, I shrieked.

I'm still jittery from the free candy, and I cut out the tickets I had; plastered them to my wall, along with a few paged from the Honda Civic tour booklet.

Airbrush tattoos? YES.

I had the best night of my life.

Thank you, Demolition Gypsy, and your brother.

Mercury Strike had so much fun. :D