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Sorry, no more at the moment, but I do have a question for all of my fellow artists.

When on Photoshop (or GIMP.. et cetera), do you all normally draw with only one layer as you would any other medium, or various layers?
I know that various layers usually result in a regret-free turnout of a work and is usually more well-put, but for me, I think the idea of having to redo things like the tedious work of pencil sketching is actually satisfying. x'D

Because otherwise, I feel like I went through without trouble, which just doesn't seem right with art.
It's supposed to be challenging, and having to redo things rather than delete a layer seems to fit for me.

AND... color? Or no color?

I prefer no color, as I like having to use my imagination for everything except the lines. But at the same time, color can correct confusion, and adds flavor to the artwork.
Yet color is again more complicated, and any little bit of too much color can throw things off.

Or am i just paranoid about it?!

Finally - What medium do you prefer? =]
Pencil, pen, oil paint, chalk, pastel, craypas, watercolor, crayon, marker, digital, et cetera? XD

I like pencil, but otherwise digitally. Give me paint and a pad, and the room'll end up colored, not the paper. Pen's alright.... but I end up using too much or having harsh lines. And I just despise marker. :P I do like crayons and craypas, though.



So.... thoughts? Comments? Questions? Let's discuss!