AGH. This is annoying!!!

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AGH. This is annoying!!!

Well freak, it happened again.

On my 'friends I requested' list, I have ANOTHER 8 people I have never even clicked on! Two of which are band members, the other 6 random people. And there are some stupid ass comments with it, ones that I'd literally be ashamed of if someone received them.

I did NOT send those requests, as I haven't even been online until just now.

I'm paranoid again, is someone hacking me?

Because if there are actual comments, I don't think it'd be a glitch.
But then again, what's the point of hacking me to just send out friend requests? Nothing in my blog posts has been screwed with, nor my account page (as far as I've seen). No random messages, either.

Is this happening to anybody daily?
Because it has been for me for the last few days.

And I'm becoming freaked.

Another thing is though... the people that are supposedly 'requested' as friends are never shown on my friends list, even though it says they accepted. *It says "Remove Friend From List," or something similar.*