lives of the fabulous killjoys

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lives of the fabulous killjoys

Chapter two

Later on that day all of us girls went out to just relax and it was also Friday. It was around 5pm. We just had our guns and we pasted a Drac poster on the wall. There was usually a bulletin that had WANTED signs on it and there were all of us except for me… until today.
“HEYY look its Devanee well only your description haha those suckers couldn’t get you on camera haha” Kimberly said. The poster read:

• Curly hair
• Brown eyes
• Neon colors
• Black sweater, American flag shorts and black boots
• Around 5 ft 2 inch
• Killed 2 Dracs
• Has a gunshot wound on the right arm
• Heart shaped birth mark on the right leg

“Damn haha they seen everything about me haha” i said. We kept walking and we went into a store and I got a coke and some chocolate, jasmine got some gummy worms and candy, Kimberly got some chocolate and a drink, Erika got a drink and a bag of mixed candies, and Norma got a drink and chocolate as well. We paid the cashier and headed over to the shooting range. It was empty as we walked in we started shooting at the targets we were creating our own moves and Erika was practicing her moves that Gerard had taught her. Once we got tired it was around 9pm and we had to walk all the way back home. We were just walking back when some BL/inds came out from their car. “HEY IT’S THE GIRL FROM THE RECENT DESCRIPTION” one of them said “yeah and her friends are wanted too!” they were about to attack and we pulled out our ray guns. Then more stepped out of the car. When out of no were Francisco, and his family Mike, Eric, Franklin, and Rick all came to help us they shot all of the BL/inds. But then one came from behind and shot a bullet but Erika shot him and the shot went crazy and shot rick. “AWWH DAMN!” rick yelled out loud. Norma went over and helped rick out and helped his wound. “SORRY RICK!” Erika yelled out. Kimberly went over with Franklin and started chatting it up. He kind of looked like frank in a way so I guess Kimberly got her eye set for Franklin, which meant jasmine could keep frank. Erika went to help Norma, mike and Eric were talking to each other and Francisco came over to me. “I guess your birthday is kind of crazy huh.”
“Yeah it is rick isn’t the only one that got shot to day” I take off my sweater and show him the wound. “Eew that looks nasty did you clean it already?” he asked. I didn’t want to say yeah my older brother helped me “No I haven’t”
“Do you want to come over my house and I will help you?” he asked me “sure its kind of stinging now” I told him as I covered it up and put my sweater back on. Rick was fine and the guys gave us a ride home. They Erika, Kimberly, Norma, and jasmine went inside and said by to the guys. They parked the car and Francisco helped me fix my cut, even more. He walked me over to my house “thanks for helping me” I said I opened the door and he closed it “Devanee” he managed to say.
“Never mind good night” he said and he gave me a hug and whispered into my ear “meet me tomorrow at 6 in the morning at the café. “I whispered back “ok.” He smiled at me and we left I opened the door again and he yelled out “ HAPPY BIRTHDAY!” and I just went inside laughing. Then I seen Erika, Norma, Jasmine, and Kimberly sitting on the couch.
Were in trouble. I seen ray Gerard frank and mikey standing in there little angry positions. Ray was striking his hair with his hand, Gerard leaned on his left leg and had his arms on his sides, Frank was pacing, and mikey would cross his arms. “Devanee get over here” ray called out. I sat down with Kimberly and I whispered “oh god were in trouble. That night we had our Ipod’s taken away and we had to clean the entire house the next day and since I was the last one in the house I couldn’t go any were for 2 days it would have been a week but they went easy on me since it was my birthday. The next day I woke up at 5 in the morning as usual. Then I started picking up just putting away the things that were out of place. Then I got a text message.
It was from Francisco.
He had wrote “hey Devanee are you almost ready?” he asked me I replied “Nop me, Erika, Norma, Jasmine, and Kimberly got in trouble yesterday so I cant go with you today. Sorry :(“
“We got you guys in trouble?! Oh ill go over there and clear things up”
“No no no its alright we got ourselves into trouble we stayed out there a little to late” he responded “oh ok well I guess ill see you around ;)” and I said “ok see u round byye” and that was our conversation. I washed the dishes and I vacuumed. I nearly cleaned the entire house before anyone woke up I was too distracted I guess.
Ray, frank, mikey, and Gerard let us easy and gave us back our ipod’s and I got to go anywhere but I had to come back no later than 5pm. All of us girls went outside to play and we just sat on the stairs on our deck. Just talking.
That was when I got a text from him. “Haha I see you XD” and I looked over Jasmines shoulder and I seen him on his window and he waved at me and I waved back. I texted back “:O u stalker haha jk XD I see you too XD” we just kept talking we went over there house and Norma was entertained by rick, Kimberly went with Franklin, and I was with Francisco while jasmine and Erika went to get some power pups.
Later that day Erika and me were sent by ray and Gerard to get some BL/ind batteries. “Yeah I just wanted my baby back,” she said as she held her ipod close to her cheek.
“I just want to get out of that house” I responded we got to the BL/ind vending machine and we used franks hacking machine and we hacked the machine and got a set of a dozen batteries. We went walking back home and it was almost 5! We ran the rest of the way and we got back like around 5:03 but it was ok because they saw us running and they let it slide. We were all watching some show on the TV. Erika was in the kitchen with Gerard eating there power pups Norma was sitting with her brother mikey Jasmine, Kimberly, and frank were all playing shoot to thrill outside and I was on the couch with ray. Then out of no were Frank comes in “ WHO WANTS TO PLAY TRUTH OR DARE!!!!” everyone agreed and we all sat down in a small circle. “Ok I go first” Frank called out. “Ok umm I choose ray Truth or dare?” then ray replied “umm truth I know you and I do not want to choose dare!”
“Ok then is it true that you like that girl that lives around zone 2?”
“Yes it’s true” we all started laughing like crazy. “Ok ray your turn who do you pick” ray then picked Erika “umm I choose Dare!” Erika bravely responded, “Ok I dare you to karate chop Gerard’s drink!” and Erika got up “NO ERIKA NOO DON’T DO IT!” Gerard pleaded and she dropped his drink to the floor. “Awwh that was my orange juice.” Gerard said as he looked at the floor. He then tackled Erika down and he threw her across his shoulders and slammed her onto the couch. “OOOOOO” we all said. As Gerard came back to sit on the floor pleased they he got pay back and Erika came back, nearly having a laugh attack. “Ok Erika now it’s your turn.” Erika scrolled around the room looking to see who would be her next victim. After we played we all went to sleep everything was off. But then I heard footsteps through the hallway. I tiptoed over to the door and opened it.
It was Erika.
I didn’t mind so I just went back to my bed but then I heard the door open. I went outside and Erika was sitting down on the stairs. “Hey kid” I said as I sat next to her “hello” she replied we had just a small talk and I was getting tired and she stayed outside so I went back inside. Then I think we all heard a scream. We all came outside our rooms and I remembered. Erika stayed outside! “EVERYONE CHECK OUTSIDE!!! ITS ERIKA!” we all ran out and I had my ray gun, by the looks of it everyone did. We were too late. We saw taillights in the distance and I shot at the car and I went running. It had been Dracs that took Erika “Those bastards!” I thought to myself. I was still running and it was tiring. Then I heard a car behind me and it was ray, frank, Gerard, Mikey, Norma, Kimberly and Jasmine, they all had there outfits and everything ready and me… I was still in my PJ’s. Frank stuck his hand out of the car I reached and he pulled me in. Gerard drove nearly 150mph. we were catching up me and Kimberly stood up and opened the top window and began shooting at the car. Norma and jasmine were shooting from the side windows. After a long drive we began loosing gas. “SHIT DON’T DO THIS TO ME!” then a Drac came out and shot our tire. And they got away. “F****n ass wholes that MY F****N SISTER!!!!” frank yelled. I looked at frank it looked as if he was crying. I have never seen frank cry. And I cried with him too. Ray was kind of the strong one and he hugged Kimberly because she was breaking down. Mikey, Norma, and Jasmine were crying too. Gerard. I had seen him let some tears slip out but he tried to suck it in. “Come on guys lets go get her” he said.