Ski Trip 2012

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Ski Trip 2012

That's where I've been all week, in case you're wondering.
Me and about 50 other students and teachers from school went to Austria for a week for skiiiiiiiinnnnnng, and I just got back this afternoon. Despite realising that I hate skiing, it was, I suppose, alright. I'd tell you about it chronologically, but I can't actually remember what day everything happened on.

On the coach there, I was quite depressed. None of my friends were going and, although I knew it was going to happen, none of the other Year 11s wanted to sit with me, so I ended up sat with this sixth former - but that was alright, we talked a bit and he's a nice guy. He seemed to appreciate that I'm not like the rest of my year, who he said are mostly dicks. Other than that though, I was pretty down. Had a bit of a cry when I realised I still had the whole week left to go and just kind of sat there like a weirdo at the service stations because nobody would sit on the same table as me.
Going through the euro tunnel was a very bizarre experience for me cause I was half asleep at the time, so all I remember are sort of blurry images of orange lights and tunnels, like some kind of time vortex.
The next day was kind of better because we were in Luxembourg by then and, even though I don't do French, we were getting nearer and nearer to Germany and Austria, which is when the amount that people want to talk to me goes right up, cause nobody else is able to (or can be bothered) understanding the German for themselves.

It took us 29 hours to get to the hotel, but we did eventually, and I was roomed with two girls from Year 7 and 8, whom I shall name Paul and Posh (one's posh, one wears almost solely Paul's Boutique clothes). They're pretty alright, although they did get a bit wearing by the end of the week. All the rooms had televisions - even though it was all in German - and, as the boys discovered, a porn channel.
Can't remember too much about the first full day, other than that I was in the bottom skiing group (by my own choice, they wanted to put me in intermediate) and we just essentially went up and down a slope for ages, pretty simple stuff. Breakfast and lunch were just sandwiches - chocolate spread sandwiches, which form the staple diet of any ski tripper from my school. Me and Posh alone got through about half a tub on the first morning.

In the evenings we didn't really have that much to do. If you were a Year 11 or above, like myself, then you could just go and get smashed at the bar (drinking age in Austria is 16). Or you could go to the games room, which was essentially a partially broken Fusball table with a headless defender on one side, a weird rocking horse thing and a slide, and then a cellar with a ping pong table that was comandeered by the Year 10s. I, being incredibly cool, hung out with the Year 8s in the games room. Because of that I got to meet my 'crew' for most of the trip (excuse my language, I've had 5 hours of sleep in the past 24 hours, and I was apparently slightly drunk on the last night, which I disagree with and will explain later). I will list them here.
Posh; Year 7 girl, in the advanced skiing group. Nice, fun and now my adopted daughter. Spent most of the evening in the room watching How I Met Your Mother on her iTouch. Is prone to being very childish at times, like when I had to spend 10 minutes quite literally fighting her out of the shower because I'd called first dibs and she wanted to override it - which everyone knows is against the rules.
Paul; Year 8 girl, reasonably nice as well. Started off in the beginners' group, decided it was too easy, put herself up to intermediate and was back in beginners by the next day after crashing into a safety barrier. Caught a cold that only really flared up around the boys.
Mother H; A guy who I at first thought was very funny and entertaining, and also helpful cause he showed me how to charge my Kindle with my Blackberry charger. Generally a nice guy . . . until he took an arrow to the knee.
Little L; entertaining in small doses. Thinks he's the bee's knees at skiing, despite bailing about fifty times a day because he refused to turn or snowplough. Also highly aggressive and will start a fight with people for absolutely no reason.
Big L; I think probably one of my favourites. Seemed kind of quiet at first, but that's just cause he's incredibly chilled out usually. I don't think I saw him start a fight with anyone - the worst he got was telling Mother H that he was really annoying - and he's just very cool. He skateboards as well, and joined me on the coach trip back last night in a long hour of headbanging and dancing about.
Netbook; Another one of the cool ones. Owns absolutely everyone at arm wrestling and introduced me to the Skyrim thing that is '...but then I took an arrow to the knee'.
Yellow Scarf; Alright, has the potential to be annoying but is generally ok.
Arsehole; self-explanatory.
Green Day; he's a Green Day fan. Alright usually, but never stops making sex jokes to the point where even i get bored, and he keeps up a constant running commentary on what you're doing, and is always asking questions.

We spent most of our time messing about, and it was quite fun. Before Mother H went all arsey, we managed to get hold of the ping pong table for about an hour because I was the only one who knew how to ask for the ball, and on the third and fourth evening we did a spot of ninjaing (running round the hotel in the dark with no particular destination or people to hide from). Everyone assumed that Big L and Lily had something going on - I think that maybe there was a very slight attraction there, but they're too young to really get it - and they got teased about it, but it was just messing around.
Then Arsehole started making appearances. I never set out to piss him off, but then he pulled Green Day's pants down in public - luckily nobody saw anything - and I called him a dickhead because he refused to apologise. I also asked him on several occasions to pull his own pants up because they were hanging down and I could tell that he wasn't changing his underwear every day. Then he started calling me a paedophile and a weirdo (some people are just so witty, right? Like 'weirdo' is going to hurt my feelings) and kept bitching to the teachers whenever me, Posh and Paul were in the boys' rooms. Not doing anything weird, just watching the football or chilling out or whatever. But I told the teachers that he'd been making up stuff about us all week so they stopped listening to him.

Most of the skiing is stuff I'd like to forget. I cry when I'm angry, I got very angry, so there was a lot of crying on the slopes. During one of our free-ski sessions, when I wanted to just mess about on the nursery slopes racing Posh and Big L, one of our teachers took us up a slope we'd never been up before, claiming it was an easy run. If it was so easy, how come it took us half an hour to get down the first 100 metres and we nearly had to call an emergency snowmobile to get someone we thought had been injured?
I think it was the next day or the day after that was Epic Blizzard Day. It was, as you can tell, very windy. I was following my group to a chairlift we hadn't used before, couldn't see where I was going, got lost and had to ski back down a slope, go round and meet the two teachers in my group who were also beginners. We got to the top, I bailed and me and the two teachers ended up getting left behind by the rest of the group because it was too windy to go fast. At one point I was getting blown back up a slope, the winds were that strong. Luckily, we managed to get everyone to the restaurant we were using as a base, and because all the lifts were stopped, we had to get a snowmobile back to the coach so we could go back to the hotel. It was epic. Never say the weather's bad until you've stood outside in a blizzard for half an hour.

On the last night, I decided to exercise my Austrian rights and bought myself a beer. I told myself I'd drink all of it. I failed. I hate beer, I can't stand the taste. If there'd been cider I would've managed - probably would've managed to get smashed. But no, I just hid in the corner of the boys' room, drinking and then masking the taste with chocolates. I didn't even finish the beer, but people said I was a bit drunk, which I doubt because I have gotten through an entire bottle of cider without getting tipsy (if I'd drunk the whole beer it would've probably been different, seeing as I don't drink that often). I said the entire alphabet backwards twice to prove I wasn't drunk, and Posh lied and said I missed out M, which I didn't.

On the last day, I went with the very bottom group and yet still somehow managed my most epic bail of the whole trip. I don't know what happened but one minute I was skiing down the slope, and the next minute my skis had come off and I was rolling down the slope action-hero style. There was also this amazing slide at the restaurant we had lunch in that day. It was incredibly dangerous - practically a vertical drop, and when you come out the bottom you skid into a wall - but it was still amazingly fun.

So, all in all, aside from Mother H suddenly becoming an arsehole on the return journey and telling us that asdf movie, all the music I liked, the food, Morrisons supermarket, Waitrose supermarket and pretty much everything he saw was shit, and Green Day throwing up his mango smoothie and constantly asking me questions, it was a pretty good trip. I got asked if I was high a lot, but I get that all the time :P if I did get high it was accidentally and highly unlikely, since I wasn't that near any weed apart from when I visited the other Year 11 girls' room.

So yeah, I'm back, beetches, and I have an annoying chesty cough that's making my mum want to buy cough medicine (which I will not take). Although I probably should have the cough medicine, because going to the doctors' would be so awkward - M's mum is my GP :O (Imagine when I want to get hold of the pill in the future - "Excuse me, but I've been having sex with your son, but I'm not ready to bear his child yet, so can you give me some birth control pills and maybe a few condoms?")
Bobberson x