My mum sang Teenagers to me! :D

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My mum sang Teenagers to me! :D

I came out of my room before, and she was like,
"guess my favourite My Chemical Romance song, I'll hum it for you." so I was listening, and it took me a while because she did it a bit weird, but then I realised and was like YESSSSSS!!!!
Apparently it's because I've been playing MCR so often and so loud that she can hear it through the walls and the songs get stuck in her head. I'm just pleased she knows how it goes :P Although she did call them emo. But meh, they may not be emo themselves, but a lot of people who would be typically described as 'emo' listen to them, and there's nothing they can do about that.

Also, this morning I put on Scuzz while I was getting dressed, and straight away they started playing Helena. Best way ever to wake up, rolling round on the floor shouting "WHATS THE WORST THAT I CAN SAAAAYYYY?!"
Although that does encourage my slight suspicion that I have a telepathic influence over both Kerrang! TV and Scuzz.

Also, in school the other day I was listening to Helena and miming along very emphatically to Al, who then decided to watch the video. A vague friend of ours, Minn, is sort of interested in MCR and asked what we were watching, so we showed her the video. It was funny watching her, she kept saying,
"He's very , , , upset, isn't he. Oh, is that his grandmother? She's a good dancer," because I had to chip in with everything I knew about the video instead of shutting up and letting her watch.

Ah, yay. M's having a sleepover for his birthday. Gotta pitch this to my mum. "Mummmm, you know how on Friday, both me and my bf will be of the age of consent? Well, can I go and sleep over at his?"
actually, she can't stop me. I'm of age, right?
But no, we wouldn't be up to anything untoward. We haven't even kissed yet, and we are aware that first times are a big thing. Plus, there'll be other people there. And I'm just generally not in that 'I'll do anyone if they've got a pulse' mood.

Sooooo Loooooooooonnnnnngg and Goooooooddnniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiggghhhhttttttt
Bobberson x