I Need Advice/Help

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I Need Advice/Help

Please help me! I'm super up tight and worry about stuff constantly, so I would appreciate any advice and/or help you have to give.

So this summer, I'm going to Comic Con in San Diego on Saturday and Sunday (the latter is Ray's birthday). Although it is extremely unlikely, it is not completely impossible to run into somebody from MCR, assuming the all go again this year. I know I probably won't, but I still kind of want your guys' help and advice JUST IN CASE I did run into somebody in the band, because, this could easily be a once-in-a-lifetime chance to meet one of them, and the last thing i want to do is say something to make me seem like a complete idiot in front of some or the most important people in my life.

So here is my main question-
Are they going to be angry at a fan who comes up to them on their weekend to relax?
I'm going to try to be as polite and considerate as possible; I'm not going to scream, or cry, or try to touch them, or bring up any bizarre topic in the minute I may potentially get with them. I'm not going to say anything about drummers, other bands, alcohol, their kids, their personal lives, where they live, ect, and I'm going to try to talk to them when they don't seem busy (or pissed off).
What I plan on doing is going up to them (as peacefully and as collectively as possible), asking them to sign whatever item I decide to bring, and then saying how much I love them and their music and how much they have helped me since I've become a fan of their band. If the situation seems right, I might ask them about their day, or something like that.
Also, I've never been depressed and I've never self harm, so I'm going to stay away from topics like that . And as much as I would love to hear about their new record, I would be afraid that they would get sort of pissy if you tried to ask them about it, so unless they're like, super cheery or something, I probably wouldn't bring that up, either.

My next questions is-
What do I say if their wives are with them?
Do I ignore them? I mean, I don't think I really have anything to say to them, but I would still feel kind of rude not to say anything at all. But at the same time, they may be used being ignored by fans. Just for the record, I have no problem with MSI. Their music is fine, but I don't really listen to them, so I don't think I would say anything to Lyn-Z.

Question 3- Do they still like to get gifts? I'm not sure if I would even want to buy or make something (I have no idea what they would need/already have) but I would kind of like to know, just in case I decided to get something.

Question 4- Would it be better just not to say anything to them at all? Sometimes they seem happy to see fans, and other times, not so much. I know it can just depend on their mood (which is obviously out of my control), but lately, Frank and especially Gerard have seemed less than thrilled to talk to fans. The last thing i would want to do would be to piss them off, so maybe it would be better just to admire from afar.
However, I would honestly be really disappointed to be like, twenty yards from some of my favorite people on Earth and not be able to say a thing, so I probably would go up to them anyway unless you guys think I'm only going to get a dirty look and the cold shoulder.

So in conclusion, what do think? What suggestions do you have for potentially meeting the best band on Earth?

Thanks for the help,

EDIT- If it makes a difference, I don't judge against those who read fan fiction, but personally, it doesn't interest me, thus, I have never read a sentence in a MCR fanfiction. I mean, even if I did, it's not like I would bring up Frerard, or something about Bert, but I just thought I would throw this out there.