I Just Got Back From a Run

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I Just Got Back From a Run

I've never done one of these things before, so here it goes!

Real name: Sheila
Killjoy name: Don't have one
From: North America...haha
Favorite color: Aqua blue or black
Favorite animal: Dogs
Favorite movie: Suck; or Airplane
Favorite band DVD: LOTMS, TBPID, ****: Live in Phoenix, Awesome as Fuck
Favorite food: Cereal. All kinds
Favorite drink: Water...or milkshakes...or lemonade
Favorite comedian: Jenny Johnson? Megan Amram? Seth Meyers? Robert Smigel? There's a lot
Favorite movie genre: Comedy. That's about it
Favorite book genre: Educational books on stuff i'm interested in: meteorology, prehistory, or bands
Favorite book: Both Umbrella Academies; The Weather Identification Handbook

Top 10 favorite bands (more or less in order)

1. My Chemical Romance
2. Green Day
3. Fall Out Boy
4. Ingrid Schnell
5. Grouplove
6. Linkin Park
7. Muse
8. Shinedown
9. White Stripes
9. Silversun Pickups
10. George Valvanis....if you will