What is wrong with me?

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What is wrong with me?

What is it with me this week? Every morning I've been up by 3am. I don't get to bed before 11pm, then I don't sleep before 1am, I getting exhausted, cross, and bad tempered, all because I can't sleep enough.

I'm also doing several projects for various people, embroidery, sewing, baking, drawing, etc. My tiredness is really starting to affect my judgement on those too.

I guess it's because I'm waiting for ANOTHER cardiac test to try to figure out what's wrong with that. The last test revealed a .... problem the cardiac surgeon doing the proceedure had never seen before, so I now need more tests to get to the bottom of that.

Now my daughter has to see a pediatrician about her dizzy spells, but not until after she's sat all her exams. There's another worry. I suppose thats the whole thing, to much on my mind, so I can't relax enough to sleep. Oh joy, one more worry to add to a growing collection.