International MCR Day.

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International MCR Day.

I was thinking while I was out in the car with hubby this morning, about international MCR day in July.

I was wondering if, as the band wants to save lives, they would mind if I organised a 'Killjoy Coffee Morning' fundraiser for the samaritans, here in the UK (Devon).

If you don't know who they are, the samaritans are a charitable organisation that exist to help people cope in the harder times of life. Mostly they are a phone sservice, manned 24 / 7 and run voluntarily, the people doing this give their time freely, and with no thought of gain.

If a situation is deemed so dire, a counselor will make a personal call, though this is the exception rather than the rule, and it is alway's just an ear to listen, never giving any form of financial aid.

This institution is doing the sole same thing as the guy's in the band, and have been tireless in their efforts for many years. Being that they do such similar works, I was hoping the band may not mind
if I used the association of MCR saving lives, to the dedicated work of this marvelous organisation.

However, I will only proceed if I can get the band's approval in some way, I will not associate them with it without their prior knowlege. So I am applying through all channels that I know of to try to get this started.

If any of the band, or anyone connected to the band, read this, could they get it to the band's attention, as I really think that this could do some good.

Many thanks for your time and effort in reading this.