Hey Killjoys!!

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Hey Killjoys!!

My mom let me go to a concert alone last night, my friend cancelled about 1h30 before I was set to leave, I had so badly wanted to go! It was an awesome night, better than awesome, I saw a band called Orange, I got a photo with Joe Dexter (the lead singer and bass player!) I also got all the band to sign my poster, they all wander around before the show, talking to the fans!

It was freaking AMAZING!!!!!! I hope to see them again soon!
I only found out about them from a BFS concert last August...
They were amazing then, and just as good if not better now, there were only about 30-60 people there, and i'm pretty sure I was the youngest...

My phones screwed up, so the guy at the venue called me a taxi instead :)
the band other than the lead are american, and for some reason, I was amazed that they had american accents... idiot me...
Anyway, it was a (better than fantasic, more than epic), night!!!

I think you should check them out, if your faviroute mcr album is three cheers!
They all even have facebooks :P
:D :D
I look like an idiot in the photo, but screw it :) p.s, dont you like my hair :P It was just cut, I did it myself, i'm quite proud! :D