bleak times

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bleak times

It's good to remember the humanity of everyone around us. Remember that the people exposed... judged... flattened to the core with expectations... they're human. And they have emotions. And it's easy to blah-blah-blah online... and it's easy to dismiss things... easy to forget the possible effect words can have on another... but it's also easy to see. If you write something online, they'll see it. And even if they can choose to brush it off, the words will still be there. and it can harm.

It can still hurt. It can still leave a person reeling, unguarded. and even a response can get misunderstood. sometimes... silence isn't indifference, but a reaction.

when sincere people get treated like liars...
when hard working people get treated like divas...
when insecure people get treated like cold-hearted snakes...

even if online, it can hurt.
remember humanity.