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school sucks, im gonna try to start a band

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Hyptonic Tigress's picture
on August 22, 2014 - 2:55pm

soooo.... yesterday, I went shopping at hot topic and body central! bts shopping tho... and afterwards, I went to get my school schedule and meet my teachers. I literally almost died waling around that school. I couldn't find my way around ( freaking a,b,c,d,e halls ), and there is a separate building! unbelievable! my first class is in the first building and 2,3,4 are in the second and I have 4 minutes, to get there. the first class is at the front and the exit to the other is allllll the way at the end. im going to HATE middle school! uggggggghhh! but at least im on the same team as my friends and boyfriend... and also its the best team at the school.... lucky me...( note the sarcasm). so ive decided to take guitar lessons! and I have a band I want to start. I already have my drummer, but we need 2 guitarist and a bass player. im the vocals. the band is called Explicit! what do ya think? and like gerard and mikey and their grandma, I am also close to my grandmother. she raised me since I was 3 month old and has taught me everything I know today ( like mikey and gerard). it kills me to know one day she will be gone and every time I see someone treat her cruely, or if shes injured or hurt, or if she talks about how life will be without her, I either start bawling or tearing up. and if I think about it if im by myself, I start hyperventilating and having a panic attack, so I am in the progress of writing a song, including lyrics from the one and only "Helena" and making sure its perfect just for my grandma. if you want to here the lyrics just ask and ill tell. anyway, sorry for that rant... im just boasting about whats new. I would love to hear about whats new with you fabulous killjoys! and if I can get advice on how to manage (live through) middle school that would be great!

keep running, Killjoys!!!