Whaddup #9

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Whaddup #9

Whaddup, Killjoys?

WOW!! I've done almost 10 of these now. I think I've blogged more in the past month than I have in a year and a half! xD Hopefully I can keep it up!

Today I ate a little more than half of a 3lb bag of gummy bears and I FEEL NO SHAME those things are friggin DELICIOUS!!!! @_@ I don't care if I get fat. Gummy bears, man. Gummy bears are heaven in a plastic bag. I'd give up my first born child for a bag of gummy bears if it was the last one in the world. That seems harsh but you don't love them like I do! Some people like coffee and cigarettes. Some people like coffee and booze. Some people like coffee and sex. I just happen to like coffee and gummy bears which for me is basically all those combined x1000000 except for the cigarettes because that probably wouldn't work well while you're having sex.

Gummy bear rant aside, have an awesome day! ^_^

Keep running, Killjoys.