I'll Never Let Them Hurt You, I Promise- chapter 7 (PLEASE READ!!)

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I'll Never Let Them Hurt You, I Promise- chapter 7 (PLEASE READ!!)

(Franks POV)

WOw, the nerve of that basterd. Why the hell is her not wanting you worth taking her. He only saw her once! fucking once! and it was like 3 years ago! While she's busy worrying about everyone else that she never worrys about herself. And so i have had to take care of her since we were kids. If anything ever happened to her...i dont know..i cant even imagion. she's my best friend. And...an...ow! Ray getting the bullet out of my foot bandaging it snapped me out of my thoughts.
"I know man, just hold still." Ray said
"Oh, ok man. I'll just hold still while you dig into my foot and pull out a fucking bullet." i said back sarcasticly.
Ray laughed back just trying to concentrate on not tearing up my foot. He tied it up with one of gerards extra shirts. I just bit down on my hand so hard it started to bleed till he was done.
"Ok man im done just dont walk on it to hard-" i started to run over to gerard and mikey.
"Frank! what the hell!" Ray yelled
I wasn't listening to him. i was only concerned for Rider. well...and Gerard. With Rider possibly dead..or gone forever. Gerard was just as likely not to make it.

(Bobs POV)

I've waited to long. too fucking long. I was gonna tell her i loved her. But Gerard...Gerard got her heart 1st. Gerard is one of my best friends. Im not mad at him. Im mad because i cant have her love. I would have treated her so well. To hold her and to call her mine...but its to late now. She's gone.
I would sit their every night. Playing my drums and who was right infront of them playing their heart out? Rider. The way she head banged to every song right on with the part she was playing. they her and frank played around on stage making the crowd go wild and make weird fanfics about them... the way she would hug me after every show. the way she would crawl into my bunk and lay on me to irritate me, and i would act like it would. but really i wanted to stay their forever.
I knew all along that Gerard loved Rider. But i thought i still had a chance. But the day Gerard got really drunk and took way to many pills. he thought he would never have Riders love. And Rider was out with Frank and Mikey. He wrote her a note. expressing his love through a song he had written for that moment. called early Sunsets over monroville. and in the song, saying he was going to kill himself. She knew where he was. She ran all the way to the small house he was living in. and burst inside and ran to his room. he was on a chair with a rope around his neck attached to the ceiling fan. his eyes were closed and he was about to kick the chair from under him. Rider jumped up on the chair, threw her arms around him, and kissed him. till he stopped crying. which im guessing was about an hour. She slipped the rope of his neck, and helped him down. And they haven't left each others side since.
They way it feels, when i have to see them kiss every five seconds. They way they look at each other on stage. How they hold hands where ever they go. How when he's falling over drunk and high she helps him walk and still cares for him. Thats love. that kills me.
someone was hurting her right now. someone had her right now. someone who doesn't have her love. that sickens me. And since im a part of this. he will be killed. And its going to come from my hands.
THANKS FOR READING! :D part 8 is coming soon<3 leave a comment telling me what you thinkk!!!! <3