Tour Blogger petition idea -->Big Days Out/sideshows 2012

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Tour Blogger petition idea -->Big Days Out/sideshows 2012

Day five: i haven't thought this out much, i admit, but I think it would be cool if MCR held a draw like for the World Contamination Tour, where we get the chance to be show reporters for when MCR come to Australia/NZ next year.

For those who don't know, Big Day Out is a massive music festival down here held in January/February, and most of the bands organise sideshows and minitours as well as performing at the festival, My Chemical Romance included.

It may be too late to organise but I HAVE got responses from to my original email, but i thought 'What the hell, let's give it a shot.' considering the success poisonpride11 had with her petition :)

If you have any feedback or like the idea, comment below/message me/spread the word/repost this with your name + Killjoy name/username (if you repost this yourself, please let me know so i can renew this one :)) Even if you're not from this part of the world, i'd LOVE support from ANYONE ;D

Spread the love, stay dangerous,
~GS xo

PS thankyou to the lovely Killjoys who've gotten around the idea, even if you aren't from this part of the world :D

1. Gravity Star (Steph)
2. Lady Killer (Rachel)
3. Poison Pride (Alexa)
4. Screaming Earthquake (Sami) LOVE THE IDEA
5. KickStart (Giana)
6. Chemical Batman (Sara)