Steph's Ramblings cos she's sleep deprived and has an exam in two days *_*

"I really wanna kiss you and be cute with you and fall asleep in your arms and go on stupid dates but I also sort of want to light you on fire and throw myself into traffic so idk"
~My friend wrote this and the accurate-ness to my mood at the moment is overwhelming *_*

Anywhoo, it is currently 10pm on Monday night and I just watched the final of The Voice Australia (my mum and I are a tad obsessed) :D and I've decided I'm going to marry the winner: his name is Harrison Craig, his coach was Seal, he's 18 and basically, a better looking, more talented Rob Pattinson (I base that description purely on physical resemblance; look at him!!) <3

And on a completely unrelated note, have a song :)