My calm-down/freak-out song *_*

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My calm-down/freak-out song *_*

To everyone who has been/was following my FF California 2019: I'MREALLYSORRY!! I haven't been on the site for months now and I apologise insanely >_< a chapter will be up THIS WEEKEND, I promise x357631 <3

Okay, freak out/calm down issue: my best friend just went to hospital and what's making me flip is that i'm not entirely sure why... he's been sick as anything these past few weeks and today he came to school, probably the worst thing he could have done in his state *_* so yeah, I'm having a mini-meltdown >_<

This musician is a lyrical genius, and my aforementioned best friend introduced me to his music cos he plays piano too :p i have it on repeat right now while I get updates on what's going on with him, and now every time I hear it, it just reminds me of him... not sure if that's good or bad yet... So yeah, have a listen and tell me what you think of this amazing Australian :p and look up his other stuff, it's all gold ^_^

~GS xo