Here's my rant for the week.

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Here's my rant for the week.

I hate seeing friends choosing to stay in relationships that cause them nothing but frustration, purely because they "need" to have a boy/girlfriend.

I don't want a relationship that makes me feel under pressure to be a good girlfriend. I just want to be with someone who's brave enough to look at me dead in the eye and say:

"Look. You're wearing velour trackies and a grey hoodie with "I Jazzed In My Pants! Big Band Tour 2010" written on it. You've had a rubbish day and you're all puffy in the face from crying. We both know there will be no fine dining and dancing tonight, my friend. Let's just eat a tub of ice cream with a packet of Tim Tams mashed into it, and stop each other from talking about those idiots at work by spraying whipped cream into each other's mouths whenever they open, okay? Let's just help each other to get by."

Just something I had to get off my chest.