stolen like a mofo

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stolen like a mofo

1) Height? 5'4

2) Virgin? yup

3) Shoe size? 6 or 6/12

4) Sexual orientation? bisexual

5) Do you smoke? No.

6) Do you drink? No.

7) Do you take drugs? no

8) Age you get mistaken for? 14 or 15

9) Have tattoos? no

10) Want tattoos? no

11) Have piercings? no

12) Want piercings? yes!

13) Best friend? shira, angie, ruby, and kody

14) Biggest turn ons? Guys who are tall, cute girls

16) Biggest turn offs? Drugs and big egos, swagga

17) Favorite movie? black swan

18) I will love you if... you buy me a cosplay ^^

19) Someone you miss? My godmother: maria

20) Most traumatic experience? none of your buisness

21) A fact about your personality? Well.... there's that saying "No bark and all bite", but I bark AND bite.

22) What I hate most about myself? I be epic ;3

23) What I love most about myself? it's a secret ^-^

24) What I want to be when I get older? a fashion desginer or a model

25) My relationship with my siblings? only child ^^

26) My relationship with my parents? I love 'em

27) My idea of a perfect date? the beach! or movies and dinner

28) My biggest pet peeves? Lying.

29) Description of the person I dislike the most? Can't even go there. .

30) A reason you lied to a friend? I thought it was best for them.