Killjoy 2012-2019 (Fanfic Part 5)

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Killjoy 2012-2019 (Fanfic Part 5)

Sorry for my spelling. If there is a spell cheak please can someone explane to me how to use it XD

Rose's POV:
As we ran through the dark gloomy corriadoors Some more men with prisoners ran with us.
The first one to come along was wearing a sleeve-less army green jacket with a long yellow sleeved top underneath that had a black body with writting on it but we were running to fast to see. He also has greasy shoulder lenth black straight hair and wore a frankenstein mask over top. Party Poison had said he was called Fun Ghoul.
Then there was someone called Kobra Kid. He had a red jacket on with a yellow and black top underneath and wore a yellow motherbike helmet that said 'Good Luck'.
Then there was anouther guy with dark curly hair. He was holding a gun (just like the others) and he held another bikers helmet but it was black with a thunderbolt on the side. He wore a black jacket with the American flag on the back with a black top underneath.
"Nice of you to join un Jet Star," Party Poison said as we approched the exit.
"Just focus on getting these guys out of her," Jet Star said with so much determanation.
We pushed the doors wide open us the sun blasted down on us.
"Bright to Bright," Revenge yelled as she rubbed her eyes.
"When was the last time you saw the sun?" I asked forgetting that we should be running away from BLi.
"Not for a while as in a few weeks. Any way what do we do know?" She asked slowly walking to one of the 2 vans.
"Yeah and where are we?" I added.
"And who are you really?" some guy at the back of the group asked.
"We're Killjoys, we fight BLi and thats all you need to know about us," replyed Kobra Kid.
"We are in Californa," Fun Ghoul added.
"Shit! What about our familys and my boyfriend," I was starting to scream at them.
"They be on the pill or fighting by now," Jet Satr said in hopes of it cheering me up even a little.
"Rick will be fighting i just know it, I mumbeled to my self. "Hey BLi tolk my phone i need to contact someone."
"Well we are NOT going back in here! But we can drop you off in or on the out skirts off town," Fun Ghouls said.
"Okay," I said as we all got in the vans.
"Now who wants to go to town then come fight with us." Kobra Kid said to all in the van. Me and Revenge were the only one who wanted to come back.

~3 hours later~

"I thought you said it town wasn't that far," I yelled as we all got out the van.
By now it was just four of us Revenge, Kobra Kid, Fun Ghoul and well me.
"No I thought i said it takes forever." Fun Ghoul said.
I just glared at him.
"Any way grab your shit and lets go we don't fit in here," Kobra Kid said.
"Hey nice house," Fun Ghould said.
"Don't suck up," I shouted as me and Revenge ran into the house.
I grabed some stuff like water, food and something for my killjoy out fit. I also grabed the spare phone so i can contact Rick.
"Okay boys and Revenge lets go."
"About time," Fun Ghoul yelled at me while moving a dracs corps into the bushes.
"What did i miss."
"Nothing you can't do later," Kobra Kid said while getting into the van. "Now Killjoy names and training."
"Well I am Renagade Revenge, but call me Revenge and she's Gothic Wolf."
"Call me Gothic okay."
"All who's up for another 3 hour drive to our base this time," Fun Ghoul said it as a joke but we knew he wasn't kidding.

Rick's POV:
I didn't find a clue at Rose's house yesterday but about 3 hours after i left i got a text from her spare phone explaning everything. I thought i had it bad.
The plan was to meet her on the out skirts of town but more dracs have showen up even though there are less people. So we dicided i will meet her at a park in next week or so, as i hide in the shadows and she trains.

~3 weeks later~

I can see a BLi prison van out side the park i am staying at.
"Oh fuck they found me." I pulled out my gun that i stole off i dead drac that i found laying in Rose's garden.
Over the last 2 weeks i had trained myself to aim and fire a ray gun. I has help me steal shit from shops and kill 20 dracs so far. Also over the last 2 weeks I changed my look....sort of it's not a big change. I put indigo blue hightlights in my hair, my attiude has changed it's now a bad attitude and i won't ever take no for an answer. I also stole a biker jacket (with studs on it), black leather gloves, a t-shirt with a knife on it and my jeans have ripped.
Someone got out the car and looked around, i tolk aim.
"Die scum bag." I mummbled to my self.
Someone eles walked out the van. I keeped in the shadows as i got closer.
"Are you sure this is where he is nobodys here."
"Yes i am sure." That voise it is Rose's.
I jumped out from the shadows towards Rose and her friends but all but Rose pulled a gun on me.
"What the fuck i just want to give Rose a fucking hug," I shouted at them.
"Hey Killjoys lower your guns this is Rick. Rick this is Fun Ghoul, Jet Star, Kobra Kid and Renagade Revenge but call her Revenge. There is one more he is called Party Poison but he is looking after his kid. Oh yeah and I am now Gothic Wolf but i rather you just call me Gothic. Now You need a Killjoy name and some training."
"I trained my self because you tolk so long and there was a drac holding a gun in your garden. Oh and I'll be Black Fox."
"Nice and Kobra Kid you should have put him inside the house."
"Hey so whats with the BLi prison van?"
"Take a guess." Rose has gotten so muck additude over the last 3 weeks.
"It helps you blind right in?"
"Yeah. Anyway lets go it's 3 hour drive. Oh and we're sorry about pointing guns at you." Jet Star said.
"Wow that doesn't sound cheesy." I said so sarcasticly. "Oh and i am wanted."
"Just like the rest of us then." Rose said with a big grin on her face. I must be a privite joke.
"Yeah but me more so."