If you are in dark days

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If you are in dark days

But I'm sick of going online to see people saying that there life is shit and that they have the worse family, blah blah blah.
Well people your life has great meaning and you can do much in the life time you have.
Family is meant to be annoying and shitty because that's what family is for and if you can stand all the horrible shit they throw at you then it'll help you build great character.

But if you still won't would consder hurting your self or suicide then either think about the people it would hurt and the things it could do to them.
Or if none of that helps then let me tell you about my life and also compare it to my brothers.

My brother has deppression and has lost his first love. He says he would die for her and that he'll never find someone as great as her. He's lost hope of living from it.
I have suffered much more.
School has lowered my self esteam sence year 3 all the way up to high school, I have been around alot of fights at home and school only few was I in and the more mager thing would be sence I was 7 I have been sexually abused by 5 diffrent people and 4 of them were family. there would be more but the are more insegnificent. But compared to my brother I have more reason for wish for death and yet I smile trying to live life the best I can.

I also know people at school who get beaten by thier family, are always in fights that can lead to go to the hospitle and more. And yet they have the will to survive.

So I know that if you wish to hurt yourself or to die, just think there are people out there worse off then you and we do not have the worst of it.

Stay strong.

~Keep Runng~
Gothic Wolf