So Hurricane Sandy kinda ruined everything...

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So Hurricane Sandy kinda ruined everything...

I live in new jersey, and I'm sure you all know about how hard we were hit by the recent storm. It was honestly a lot worse than I thought it was gonna be. Although the hurricane itself was a category 1, it was mixed in with a nor'eastern and a full moon to create a freakish "perfect storm" that is considered to have effects equivalent to a category 3 hurricane. The state is practically wiped out, mostly the shoreline. Whole boardwalks are gone without a trace, houses are floating in the middle of highways, and amusement park rides are in the atlantic ocean. Because the hurricane actually made landfall here, we were hit the hardest even though the storm affected millions of people in different states.

I feel very blessed to not even lose electricity, which I'll never understand, while 90% of my town lost it and some still don't have it. Over 2 million people in new jersey alone were/are without power or heat. Half of nyc is black and staten island is in ruins. I haven't had school so far this whole week, and I probably won't have it till monday again. Trees and power lines are blocking roads and traffic signals are still out. Driving: an absolute nightmare. Besides, businesses aren't even open.

So this definitely ruined Halloween for me, MY FAVORITE HOLIDAY. And considering I'll be in college next year, this was sorta my last hometown Halloween of my life. But I'm making the best of it and having a little Halloween party with some friends at my house today. I hope anyone else on here who was affected is safe.