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Woooooowwwwww lots to post!!

Holy shiznit.....I haven't posted Dracs Will Never Hurt You for so long that I wrote like,10 more chapters! :O I have to post chapters 20-27......my god.Well,time for a recap!!

“You WHAT?!”He whispered in shock.I had rested my head next to his after I had finished.
“I kissed a Drac...but when I was in Show Pony's van...I hit him when he was walking in the road.”I lifted my head to look at his expression.To my surprise,he was smiling.
“Okay,so,you kissed the Drac,then while you were driving,you hit him?”He asked me.
“Yeah...”I replied cautiously.He broke into a roar of laughter and kissed my cheek.
“Okay,”I thought to myself, “I'm confused.”
“Aw,Lightning!I love you!”Party Poison pulled me close and sat up.He picked me up then brought me to our bed and laid down with me next to him.
“Why?Well,he kissed you first,right?”He started.I nodded yes. “Did you WANT to kiss him?”He added.
“No.”But what I thought was: “No...or at least not right away.”
“Alright,so,to get back at him,you hit him with a van.”He smiled at me and brushed his fingers across my cheek.Gee rested his hand on my cheek and I leaned into it.
I shook my head a little and smiled.“I love you Party Poison.”And I do love him.I always have and I always will.
“I love you too Lightning Strike.”He put his forehead on mine and closed his eyes.Party put his arm around me and pulled me closer to him.The door opened and someone came in.
“Hey bro,you okay now?”Mikey asked his older brother happily.I looked up to see Kobra Kid standing over us with a huge smile on his face.The others must be back now.
Gerard laughed. “Yeah,I'm okay.”
“I know what he would've said otherwise.”I said playfully.
“Oh really?And what would that be?”Mikey raised his eyebrow.
“I'm Not Okay!Trust me.”I giggled.Party and Kobra joined in after a second;their laughter made me feel like I was finally home.
“You would say that Jessie!”Ray yelled from the hallway.I didn't realize that the door was still open.I could hear the others giggling in the front room,but there was also a soft snoring coming from Frank and Christina's room.I assumed it was Frank,but then again,I could be wrong.
Mikey turned and walked out of the room with a smile on his face.Gee was just about to kiss me again when a lighter set of footsteps walked in.I looked up to see Radio Destroya standing in the room.She sighed then put her hand over her eyes.
“Really?I have to walk in on this AGAIN?”She shook her head and left.I looked back at Gerard,who immediately started laughing.
“Are we good?”I asked as soon as Party was done laughing.
“Yeah,we're good.”We rolled over so that we weren't touching.I turned to look at him and smiled.He kissed the top of my head and got up. “You comin'?”He asked me.
“What do you think?”
“Duh!”I laughed as we walked out the door,hand-in-hand.

Chapter 21

“Yay!Party isn't a complete wreck anymore!”Music Junkie laughed from the corner.Ari was sitting in Mikey's lap, “Is you mad at me?” She asked in her baby-ish voice.
“No,I not mad at you.”I giggled in my own baby voice.
“Hehe yay!”She clapped.Kobra Kid leaned down and kissed her forehead.Party and I walked out to the back of the diner and sat down.It was night time now,and everything was either purple,black,or a pink-ish purple color.I smiled as I laid my head on Party's shoulder.He leaned his head on mine as well.He sighed,which made me look up at him.
“Nothing.”He answered.
“No,really.What is it?”
“I'm just happy that you're back.My world is complete.”He turned his head to kiss the top of mine.He sighed again. “If only THIS world could be like the one in my head...it would be better than it is now.”
“Gee,ANYTHING would be better than this crappy world run by BLI.”I said,putting my head back on his shoulder.He rubbed my arm with one hand and used the other to brush his bangs over his head.
“Good point.”He mumbled as he looked up at the moon.I was kinda surprised that we could see it.There was supposed to be acid rain showers over our Zone.Huh...oh well.Fun Ghoul and Punk Flame came walking around the side of the HQ.They waved and sat down next to us.
“What's up guys?”Frank asked.He put his arm around Christina's shoulders as he yawned.Chrissy looked at me and whispered, “Glad you two are okay.”
“Thanks.”I whispered back to her.
“Just looking at the moon.”Party answered Ghoul's question. “And spending time with Lightning Strike.”
“Did you wanna spend some time with us?”I asked the pair of Killjoys.
“Sure,let's go with that!”Punk Flame held two thumbs up with a fake smile on her face. “We just wanted to come out here...for certain reasons.”She looked at me and winked.
“Aw,dude!No.Just...no...could you have waited to tell me this in the morning?”I shook my head and took Party Poison's hand as I stood up to go back inside.
“Nope!I just had to tell ya now.”Christina giggled behind us.I knew what she meant by 'certain reasons'.They wanted some alone time to....well,ya know.
When we were back in the diner,we sat down and turned on the T.V.An episode of Mousekat was on.Gee sighed and put down the remote.I didn't really pay attention to it at all.I wanted to reach over and run my fingers through his hair.He was rubbing my arm with one hand and leaning his head on the other.I rested my head on his shoulder;I was close enough that I could nestle my face in the side of his neck.Gerard pulled me against him as a man came walking in.
He was wearing a helmet that said 'Darkness' on the front.The rest of the helmet was black with light blue spray paint on the top and sides.He was wearing a My Chemical Romance shirt that looked like it was home-made (and it also looked very familiar...),faded blue jeans with rips and holes in the knees,one white glove and one black glove;both of them were fingerless.He wore a silver chain with a cross on it and his boots were white with what looked like red streaks of light coming out of the tips.
“Well,it's about time I found you Jessie.Remember our band,Striking Rebels?”The man took off his helmet and shook out his sandy blonde hair,which was just barely in a ponytail. “I don't remember my name,and I'm sure you don't either,but you can call me Black Light.I can still play bass you know.After all this time,I still got it.”He laughed as he held out his arms.
“Oh my god!Hey you!”I got up and jumped into his arms. “It's been too long.”I hugged him tight as Party Poison got up.
“Black Light huh?You know she's with me,right?”He nodded towards me.
“Don't worry man,she's just a friend...and a band mate,that I haven't seen in seven years!”He laughed again.
“It's good to see you too,dude.”I kissed his cheek the way I always did and put my arm around Party's waist.Well,I've found one of my band mates,let's see if I can find the rest.

Chapter 22

“Black Light,where have you been all this time?”I wondered as we all sat down.
“I've been in Zone Four.That's where my headquarters is,but when I heard your voice over the radio the other night...I came out to look for you.”He smiled as he looked into my eyes. “I was worried about you.”
I laughed. “Don't worry about me;I can take care of myself.” I took Gerard's hand then continued, “Have you been able to find the rest of the band?”
He sighed. “No...but I've been trying my hardest Jess.I don't even know if Nick and Zack made it...”He shook his head. “Well,I'll keep on the look-out for them.”He stood up and walked towards the door.
“Where are you going?”I asked as I pulled Gerard up with me.
“Back to my place.You guys are welcome to tag along.”I let go of Gerard's hand and ran over to him.Black Light held out his arms just as I rushed into them.
“I don't wanna loose you again,dude.You were one of my best friends.”I mumbled into his shoulder.
“Oh you won't.I'll keep in touch,okay?”
“Okay...I'll talk to you soon.”I said as he released me from his arms.
“Love ya.”He waved over his shoulder and left me standing there.

A little while after Black Light left,I was sitting by the radio,listening to see if I could hear either Zack or Nick on the other end.All I came up with was Dr.D's voice and a whole hell of a lot of static.I sighed then turned it off.Some of the Killjoys,including Party Poison,left to go scouting and raiding.I stayed here and I saw that someone had come in while I was in the other room.
The Killjoy sitting with her head in her hands looked up at me. “Mind if I stay here and talk?”Radioactive Sunshine asked.The room was dark,but I could tell it was her by her voice.
“I don't mind...Radioactive Sunshine,what's wrong?”I asked her as I sat down and put my arm around her.
“I...I lost my ray gun.”She sniffled.
“What?!How did you get here with out it?”I wondered.
“I have knives remember?”She half smiled.
“Why are you crying if you can just get a new ray gun?”
“Because...of the blood on the tip of my old one...and the story behind it.”She put her head in her hands again.
“Will you tell me how it got there?”I asked cautiously.I didn't want to get her angry and throw one of her knives at me.
“No!That's something that I don't tell ANYONE.”She glared at me.The scar over her right eye made her look like a mad-man.
“Well,you can stay here for as long as you want.”I yawned as I stood up.
“Thanks Lightning.”Radioactive Sunshine smiled. “Is there an extra room I could use?”
“Yeah,I think so.Come on;let's go see.”We walked to the back and found a room that was big enough for only one person,so Radioactive stayed there.I went to bed after Radioactive Sunshine got settled and dreamed about Party Poison.

Chapter 23

I woke up with someone's arms wrapped around me.I could see the sleeves of his blue jacket and when I looked down at the end of the bed,I could see his white jeans and black leather boots.Across the room from us,I could see a yellow ray gun in it's holster.Party Poison was home!
“Did I wake you up?”He asked quietly.
“No...I had the weirdest dream...”I mumbled as I rolled over to look at him.He smiled when I kissed his lips.I pulled away to look into his beautiful eyes.
“What was it about?”Gerard asked me as he leaned forward and nuzzled his face on my cheek.
“We were here in the diner...and Korse had found out where I was...I wanted to run away,but then you stopped me,only to tell me that you were going to run away with me.But just as I ran for the door,a Drac came in and pointed his ray gun at me.He was just about to kill me when you jumped in front of me and killed yourself to save me...”A tear ran down my cheek as I remembered the horrible dream,and the moment when I thought it was real.
Gerard wiped the tear away with a kiss then murmured, “Shhh,Jessie it's okay.I'm right here with you and that's all that matters.I'm fne...it's alright.”He comforted me as Fun Ghoul came in.
“Hey Party where did you-what happened to Lightning Strike?”He placed his hand on my arm.
“She just had a nightmare;that's all.”He answered him. “Your ray gun is on bar.”
“'Kay thanks,Gee.”Frank turned and walked out of the room.I rubbed my eyes so I could see Gerard's face.
“Are you okay sweetheart?”He asked me before he pressed his lips to mine.I kissed him back while I wrapped my arms around his neck.
“I love you.”I murmured against his lips.
Party Poison pulled away a little to put his hands on the sides of my face. “You are my life...my world...my everything.”He kissed me again,but put his arms around my waist instead of around my torso.We kissed for a few more minutes until I pulled away.I looked at the beautiful red-haired Killjoy laying in front of me as he brushed away the tears that we still on my cheeks.
“I saw Radioactive Sunshine this morning...she was getting ready to leave and she told me to tell you 'thanks' and 'stay safe'.”He smiled and pulled me up so I was sitting next to him.He took my hand and pulled me up from the bed.We walked out to the front room to find Jet Star and Wolf Girl talking upside-down in one of the booths (they both had fro's so their hair was all over the place).Frank and Christina were in their room;we could hear them talking when we passed by.Kobra Kid and Wild One had gone for a drive around the Zones and Music Junkie was watching Mousekat on the couch.
“Hey guys.Kobra took the Trans Am by the way.”Music Junkie smiled at us.
“Wanna take The Detonator?”I asked Party as we walked out the door.
“Sure.Where are we going?”He wondered as he got in the passenger's seat.
“To find a friend of mine...”I hit the gas and we were off towards Zone 1.

“So what friend are we looking for exactly?”Party asked as we passed the sign for Zone 3.I glanced over at him to see that he was looking at me.
“A girl by the name of Bright Revenge.The last time I saw her,she was wearing a short yellow tank-top,a pair of brown-ish looking jeans and a purple bandana over her nose and mouth.She has short black hair and wears a few necklaces too.”I looked over at him again and found him smiling. “What?”I asked him curiously.
“I've seen her running around a few times;I didn't know you knew her.”He smirked.
“Really?”A white car came from the other direction as I spoke. “Ugh,really?”I said again,annoyed this time.We pulled over to the side of the road and the Better Living car did the same.
“You ready?”Gee asked me.
“Let's go.”I responded as I pulled out my ray gun.We opened our doors,just as three Exterminators and one Drac started shooting at us.We used the doors as out shields,but the bottom of our legs were still visible.
“Ahh!”Party Poison killed two of the Exterminators,but the one that was left shot him in the leg.Party fell back into the car holding his leg.There was a look of pain on his face as he moaned in agony.I shot the Drac in the forehead,killing him where he stood.Another shot came out of nowhere,killing the Exterminator.I turned my head to see Bright Revenge standing some thirty feet behind the car.I nodded to her and she nodded back.I saw her start walking towards the car,but I had ducked in to look at Party Poison's wound.
“Jess...are you okay?”He reached up to put his hand on my cheek.
“Yeah,I'm fine.Let me see your leg.”Gerard turned so that his legs were in the driver's seat.I rolled up his pant leg and saw a huge burn on his knee.
“How is he?”Bright Revenge asked as she looked over my shoulder.
“I don't think he's gonna be able to walk without someone helping him.”I looked into Gee's eyes as a small tear ran down his cheek.Bright Revenge opened the bag she had with her and pulled out a first aid kit;I hadn't thought to bring mine.She handed me some gauze to wrap around his knee until we got back.Party had moved his legs so I could sit down,so I sat and turned to Revenge.
“Thanks Bright Revenge,you came just in time.”I held out my hand.
“Any time.Were you looking for me?”She asked as she shook my hand.
“Yep.I need you to help with something.”
“Oh yeah?”She challenged. “Like what?”Revenge crossed her arms.
“I need bombs.LOTS of bombs.”

Chapter 24

“For what purpose?Killing or raising hell?”Bright Revenge smiled as she pulled down her bandana.
“Hmm...interesting question-both.”I smirked.
“Jessie...?What are you planing?”Gerard asked cautiously.
“Yeah,what are you planing?”Revenge repeated.
“Something that will really set those Better Living Bastards over the edge.”
“Alright,I'm listening.”She crossed her arms.
“I'm gonna go to Better Living,tell Korse that I found some Killjoys to turn in,and plant the bombs around their headquarters.”I told them.
“No way.”Gerard put his hand on my shoulder. “I'm not letting you go back there alone.”
“Who said she was gonna be alone?”Bright Revenge smiled an evil looking smile. “I'll go and help her plant the bombs.”
“Radio Destroya will be there too;she's supposed to be working for Korse,like me.”I glanced back at him.Bright Revenge already knew my story,so I didn't need to explain.
“Are you sure she'll be up to it?”Party put his arms around me protectively as he spoke.
“Yes,I'm sure.She hates BLI with a burning passion.”I patted his hands while Bright Revenge said, “Don't we all hate BL/Ind with a burning passion?”
“I think Radioactive Sunshine and Bandit Blaster will be there too.”I added when I saw the look on Gerard's face;he was still unsure about my plan.Revenge was nodding to herself when she looked at us.
“Where are you going to plant them exactly?”She asked with an eyebrow raised.
“Um...”I thought about it for a minute. “The control room,the front lobby,and the basement of the HQ.”I played around with the necklace that Party Poison had givin me while I looked up at her.
“The control room and basement,I get,but...”Her voice trailed off,then she got it back. “The lobby?How are you gonna do that?”
“She's not going to do ANYTHING that has to do with Better Living or bombs.”Party wrapped his arms around me protectively again and rested his head on my shoulder.
“Don't be such a party pooper.She'll be safe with me.”She pointed at herself then smiled. “I'll make the bombs,see if I can get anymore Killjoys to come help,and we'll go in and plant them.I promise you,Lightning Strike will come home without a scratch.”
“I still don't like this plan.”Gerard squeezed me tighter.
“Gerard,this will seriously hurt BL/Ind-”I tried to explain to him.
Gee sighed then released me. “As much as I want to keep you away from their HQ...”
“Are you letting me go?”I asked him with the voice of a teenager who’s parents just told her she could go to a huge party.
He sighed again. “Yeah,but on one condition:You have to come running straight into my arms as soon as you get back.”He leaned over so I could see his face.He had one eyebrow raised just like Bright Revenge did.
“Deal.”I giggled,then I serious. “Revenge,will you come back with us?”I looked up at her.
“Sure.I'll help you get Party Poison back to your place.Then we can start making those bombs.”She laughed and rubbed her hands together like an evil villan.She saw the look on Gerard's face,which made her laugh even more,but not evilly this time.

Chapter 25

We got back to the diner just as the sun set over the horizon.Bright Revenge got out from the back of The Detonator and came around the passenger's side to help Party Poison out.
“Thanks girls.”He mumbled as Revenge put her arm over his shoulders.I put mine around his waist,trying to keep him upright.We towed him inside while everyone jumped up to help or make room for Gee to sit down.
“What happened bro?”Mikey asked his older brother as he sat down.
“Friggin' Dracs happened.”The older of the brothers snapped.Kobra Kid flinched at Party's tone. “I'm sorry Mikes.”They hugged then smiled at each other.
“How bad did they get you?”Wild One asked,looking over Kobra's shoulder,
“Pretty bad.”I answered her. “He can't walk by himself.”I poured some water over his burn to clean it off a little.
“Ahh!Damn it!”Gerard screamed as he winced in pain. “That hurts!”
“I'm sorry,Gee.There's nothing I can do about it.”I muttered as I patted his burn dry.It started to bleed,so Ray came to the rescue;he knew how I got around blood.
“Let me do this for ya Lightning Strike.”He smiled when he glanced at me.
“Thanks Froman.”I giggled weakly.I got up from where I was crouched in front of Gerard and went to sit in the booth across the room.
“You gonna be okay Jessie?”Punk Flame asked as she crossed the room to sit next to me.
“Yeah,I should be.”I grinned. “Rememeber the other night;the night that Party and I made up?”I asked as the girn on my face got wider.
“Yeah...”Christina nodded cautiously. “Why?”
I got up from where I sat in the booth. “I could hear you and Frank moaning your brains out.”I laughed.
“Hey!You'd better keep your mouth shut about that!”She hissed.
“Don't worry;Party Poison already knows.He could hear you too.”
“Just stay quiet!”Punk Flame mumbled behind me.

Later,I was in Wolf Girl and Death Pony's room;painting Taylor's nails with some nail polish that she had found.We were talking with Bright Revenge about my plan.
“Can I come with you guys?It's been a while since I've kicked some ass.”Wolf Girl smiled evilly.
“If we need you,then yes,you can come.”Revenge smiled at her new friend.
“Yes!”Wolf Girl did the little fist pump thing she always did when she was in school.
“No!”Ray laughed as he walked in and sat down.
“Why?”Taylor cocked her head to the side.
“Because my sister isn't getting hurt;not while I'm around.”
“Since when is she your sister,Jet?”I asked,looking up from Wolf Girl's nails.
“Since yesterday,”He smiled at me. “I think you can see why.”He picked up a bunch of his hair.
“I see.”I giggled.Gerard walked in then,holding a box filled with wires and pieces of metal. “Is that the stuff for the bombs,Party Poison?”I asked as I finished painting Taylor's nails.
“Sure is.How many will you be able to make Revenge?”Party asked her.
“Well,judging by how big the box is...maybe seven?I don't know much of the bomb parts are in there,but it'll do,” She turned to smile at me. “We can always get more,right?”
“If we need more.”I smiled back at her.I looked at Party Poison as he set the box down and stalked out of the room.Everyone watched me as I ran out after him. “Gerard!”
I caught up to him just as he walked out the door with the keys to the Trans Am in his hand.He didn't stop and turn when I called his name again.
“What's your problem?”I asked icily as I grabbed his shoulder and made him face me.The pissed off expresson on his face made me flinch back a little.He shook his head then pulled me into his chest.I looked up at Gerard's face,but he was holding the back of my neck,almost like he didn't want me to see his expression.I felt water on the back of my neck and I instantly knew why he was holding me;Gee was crying.
“Party...why are you crying?”I mumbled.
“Because I don't want you to get hurt...and I'm gonna miss you too much.”
“I promise you,I won't come home hurt in any way.I'm gonna miss you too.”I took the hand that was holding me from behind and held it against my heart. “Don't you trust me?”I looked into his hazel eyes that still held tears.
“But what?”I used my other hand to pull his face closer to mine.
“I don't want you at their god damn headquarters.”He kissed me fiercely and pulled me as close to him as possible.I felt him wince when my knee touched his wounded leg;he was able to walk on his own,but it still hurt him when something touched it.He pulled away and wiped the tears from his cheeks and chin. “Wanna go for a drive?Maybe go somewhere more private?”He winked at me then led me to the Trans Am without waiting for my answer;although I knew what he was talking about when he said, 'go somewhere private'.I got in the passenger's side willingly and smiled over at Gerard as he hit the gas and drove down the road.

Chapter 26

I woke up the next morning lying on Gerard's bare chest.I could feel the sun on my back as I blinked a tiny bit;so Gerard wouldn't see that I was awake.I felt him sigh and start drawing random little pictures on my back.His touch tickled and,I tried as hard as I could,but a small giggle escaped my lips.
“Something funny?”He murmured before kissing the top of my head.He shifted his wounded leg under our blanket.
I yawned then answered him in a voice that made me sound like I was still half asleep. “That tickles.”I giggled again as he traced the shape of a heart on my shoulder.I kept on giggling as he traced more shapes on my back and shoulders;Party Poison had traced his symbol then a cross and then after that,he traced my own symbol.It felt like he was writing,because I felt him write my name and his then the word 'love' in cursive.
I sighed then leaned up to kiss his neck.I rested my head where his shoulder and neck met and closed my eyes.Party only rubbed my back now,but every now and then he'd stop to pull me close and draw a heart or a star.After what seemed like hours,Party Poison spoke.
“I didn't know you had a tattoo on your shoulder...”
“You didn't?”I mumbled.I felt him touching the tattoo of my old Pitbull,Maya.She had been sick for a really long time and my family couldn't get her the shots she needed,so she had to be put down.I got the tattoo a year before the Great Fires and whenever I see it in a mirror,it always brings me hope.I smiled at the thought of what Gee was seeing;a picture of Maya with her bright green eyes and and the little bit of white on her brown face,with the words 'My Fallen Angel' arched over her head.I felt a tear fall down my cheek and onto Party's shoulder at the thought of how great of a dog Maya was.He pulled me close as more tears fell from my eyes.
“She was a great dog,wasn't she?”He asked quietly.
“Mmhmm.”I nodded.Party Poison turned his head to kiss whatever part of my face he could reach.I leaned up on my elbow to kiss his lips when,out of the corner of my eye,I saw a white car pull up out the window.
I gasped. “Gerard...a S/C/A/R/E/C/R/O/W unit just pulled up outside.”I jumped from my spot on the bed and pulled on some clothes then took out my ray gun.I heard Gerard groan as he put his wounded leg on the floor.He pulled on his own clothes and took out his ray gun as well.
“You ready Lightning?”He asked me.
“Let's kill some Better Living bastards.”I grinned and took his hand.We walked to the back door and waited for the Draculoids to come closer.Some of them weren't wearing masks,which I found really weird...only...Blake....
“Jess!Get your head in the game!”I didn't realize that Gee was shaking me when the Dracs started shooting at us.Before I started shooting,I scanned over the faces of the Dracs to make sure none of them were Blake.I didn't notice the remaining Draculoid still in the car.Party was finishing off the last two,so I bolted to the car,ray gun in hand.Blake was sitting in the driver's seat,smiling at me.
“Well hello Jessie.Long time,no see.”He got out and held out his arms to hug me.My ray gun was pointed at his foot,so when he was about to put his arms around me,I pulled the trigger.He howled in pain and fell to the ground,holding his foot. “What the hell?!”
“Is this that Drac you told me about?”Party Poison came walking over to where I stood over Blake.He still had his gun in his hand.
“Yep,”I nodded and put my arm around his waist while Blake's eyes bugged out of his head. “That's him.”
“Don't ever kiss her again.”Gerard said through his teeth.He brought the gun to the Drac's head and pulled the trigger,killing him on the spot.

I know this was a really REALLY long post,but I hope you guys liked it!!!I hope I can post more very soon!!!
Lightning Strike xo