In school...bored as hell :P

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In school...bored as hell :P

I'm bored and in class,so i'm gonna do this.....NO!!!CAMERAS!!!!!!!!!! *runs and hides face*

(x) You wear hoodies
(x) You wear jeans
(x) Dogs are better than cats (Pit Bull!!!!)
(x) It’s hilarious when people get hurt
(x) You’ve played with/against boys on a team
( ) Shopping is torture
(x) Sad movies suck (most of the time)
(x) You own a Wii
() You played with Hot Wheels as a little kid
( ) At some point in life you wanted to be a firefighter
(x) You own a DS, PS2, Gamecube, Gameboy, or Sega
( ) You used to be/are obsessed with Power Rangers
(x) You watch/watched early morning cartoons
(x) You watch sports on TV
(x) You go to your dad for advice (more than my mom,that's for sure...)
( ) You have played sport at a state level
() You used to/do collect collector trading cards (Pokemon?)
(x) You have worn baggy sweatpants
(x) It’s kind of weird to have sleepovers with a bunch of people
(x) Green, black, red, blue, or silver are one of your favorite colors
() You love to go crazy and not care what other people think
( ) Sports are fun (I can't PLAY sports -.-)
(x) You talk with food in your mouth
( ) You sleep at night with your socks on
(x) You have fished at least once
TOTAL = 16...holy sh!t dude.....

(x) You love to shop (at Hot Topic and goth-ish places at the mall)
() You wear eyeliner
( ) You considered/did cheer leading
() You wear the color pink (NEVER!!!!!!!
() You go to your mom for advice
(x) You are obsessed matching things with black (black and black ^-^)
() You like going to town
( ) You like getting manicures and/or pedicures
(x) You like wearing jewelry
( ) You cried watching The Notebook, etc. (I cried watching Ghost of You...)
() Skirts are a part of your wardrobe
( ) Shopping is one of your favorite hobbies
() You don’t like Star Wars (eh,it's okay)
( ) You are/were in gymnastics
(x) It takes you around a half an hour to shower... (maybe more...:P)
() You smile a lot more than you should
( ) You have more than 10 pairs of shoes.
(x) Sometimes you care about what you look like
() You like wearing dresses sometimes- only sometimes
(x) You like wearing body spray or deodorant (I'm a girl,but I wear Axe ^-^)
() You wear high heel shoes
() You used to play with dolls as a kid
( ) You have put makeup on others
( ) You like being the star of almost everything
( ) You love shoe shopping
() Pink is one of your favorite colors (HELL NO!)

I'm a tomboy :P I'm a GIRL god damn it! *sighs* Whatever,i'm good with that :) Hope you guys like my pics of Gee,M.Shadows,and Andy Six ^-^
Lightning Strike over and out