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Chapter 1

“Jessie!Jessie!Wake up,or we're gonna be late!”
It was Gerard that was shaking me and telling me to wake up.I slowly opened my eyes to see Gee's face just inches away from mine.Gerard,my boyfriend,had pinkish red hair and the most beautiful hazel colored eyes I had ever seen.Gerard and I are the same in many ways,he even says that I'm the female version of him!Other than being a singer,Gerard is an artist and he loves drawing,especially pictures of me when I'm not looking.
“Come on,Jessie!We gotta go if we wanna make rehearsal on time!”Frank said.
Frank is My Chemical Romance's rhythm guitarist,who had long black hair and brown eyes.Frank was always making everyone laugh with his jokes and pranks.He liked to pull pranks on me and Gerard most because we were always together and he likes to get two reactions at once.
My Chemical Romance is the name of Gerard,his brother Mikey,Ray,and Frank's band.Gee is the lead singer,Frank is the rhythm guitarist,Ray is the lead guitarist,and Mikey plays bass.MCR did have a drummer named Bob,but he left the band this year.Mikey and Ray are like Gee and Frank.Ray is really tall,and i mean really tall,and hes got the coolest afro ever.Hes also an amazing guitar player with a big heart.Mikey is Gerard's little brother.He has dirty blond hair with his bangs brushed back.Mikey used to wear glasses but he only wears them when his contacts are annoying him and making it look like hes crying.Mkey has a few different bass guitars.The one hes using on the World Contamination Tour is a sparkly sliver with a black middle.
“Wait...what day is it?”I asked.
“Wednesday.”Mikey told me.So I jumped out of bed and went over to the calendar and looked at the date.As Mikey said,it was Wednesday,the day of our first rehearsal for the World Contamination Tour.I was going to open for the band singing two of their other songs from two of their other old albums.We had talked about it before and decided I would sing “I'm Not OK” and “Famous Last Words”.
“Here.I found some of your clothes on the chair over there and picked these out for you.”Gerard tossed me a small pile of clothes to put on and thats when I looked at him and noticed what he was wearing.His whole out fit was black.Black boots,pants,and top.
“Thanks,babe.”I smiled and went to the bathroom to change.When I came out they had their stuff ready to go and thats when Ray said:”Jessie,wheres your guitar?”
“Oh no!I left it at Taylor's house!” I can't believe I forgot my GUITAR at Taylor's place.I need that guitar so I can play those two songs!
“Don't worry,we can stop by Tay's and pick it up on the way.”Frank said,coming over to where I stood,putting his arm around me. “And I'm guessing you were performing at her birthday party?”He said,giving me a look.
“Yeah,all of your friends were there so you guys know I had to.”I smiled a shy smile.
“You probably had fun seeing all of your old friends,huh?”Gerard said,smiling an understanding smile,while opening the door.
“Yeah,I just wish you guys could've been there with me.”I said,with Frank by my side.
“But we're with you all the time.So that wouldn't be very fair.”Mikey said punching my shoulder lightly. “I mean,your always with us or we're always with you.It just wouldn't be fair.”
“Whatever.I just love being with you guys.Thats all.”I said as I got in to the car next to Gerard,who was in the driver's seat.Ray,Frank,and Mikey sat in back.”Today is gonna be a fun day.”I thought,as we drove down the free way towards Taylor's house.

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