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-does a guy have to do to find some Frankenberry in the state of California?
Did they stop making it? Do they still make it and just don't ship it to Los Angeles?
Am I going to have to order some of Amazon?

Picture that for a minute...just close your eyes let your imagination bring this scenario to life...

A person, me, you, whoever- logging onto amazon, pulling out an actual credit card, inputing the exact numbers and the desired shipping address, possibly even selecting "Next-Day Air" to get some goddamned Frankenberry in a motherfuckin' cereal bowl.

I have searched several supermarkets in the last month and have not come across ANY of the cereal monsters. They always have Lucky Charms and all that other awesome sugar-shit but no F-Berry.

I don't even know how I even ended craving it in the first place, but I now have it strong.


I am just now learning that there are some people that live in California that have never even HEARD of Frankenberry. I mean I don't even know what to say about've been deprived...I'm sorry.
Heres all you need to know-
It's cereal that tastes like "strawberry flavor" but it's not exactly "strawberry flavored".
It has marshmallows.
It gives you pink sugar-milk.
Frankenberry has a giant head and red nail-polish...and he has two friends (he used to have a third but Fruit Brute is a bit elusive) -
Heres a's listed as a"Monster Trilogy" of no shit...