Peg-warming; the art of

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Peg-warming; the art of

I'm going to explain this as best I can, for those that don't know, as I find it to be useful information.
If you do know- congratulations, you have obviously been rolling on the "next level" for some time.

A "peg-warmer" is an action figure that is usually the most abundant on the shelves, sometimes spread out on the rest of the pegs to create a sense of fullness, because it is the least popular figure in the assortment and thus the only one left.

Other notable peg-warmers include:
Padme (Phantom Menace Wave 1)
Ric Ole (Also Phantom Menace Wave 1)
Arctic-Laser Attack Batman (I made that up but it probably exists)
Sometimes a peg warmer can become valuable, due to the fact that no one owns them, and most of them are likely sitting in a landfill somewhere, like Jabba-Glob.

What we have here is a really good example of a peg-warmer, spotted at my local Target tonight, so I decided to take a picture. It's a lady from Jabba's Palace that has three sets of breasts.
I don't know her name.
I am not lying about that.