wow, looks amazing!

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wow, looks amazing!

The new site looks amazing, guys. (Not sure if anyone reads this or not, but I'll just talk to myself!)

It looks incredible, with the new layout and new album on the way :D I love the random sentences that keep appearing underneath "MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE" every time you go from one of the other sections to homepage. Lolz.

The place Ray stayed at looks like heaven. So beautiful, I can't believe my eyes. --Late-- Happy Anniversary to Gerard and Lindsey :D

I have no idea what to type. It's currently 4:42AM and I've been awake all night, plus I am ill and we're going up to Dorchester for two days. Totally sleeping all the way there to avoid my motion sickness!

MCR songathon? It's much needed.

if anyone even reads this, lol, see ya xo