money and parents are evil.

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money and parents are evil.

I feel like ranting.
Because, I am virtually, so pissed off.
It's unbelievable.

I was meant to be going to see The Used next week - yes, yes, yes, I know this is a My Chem website, but I was mainly going so I could meet my friend who I got to know via a MCR forum. Ha, not any fucking more. This was THE SECOND attempt, as we tried in August, and we managed to miss each other in the middle of London, which didn't go AT ALL well with my mother.

She said I could before I even suggested it to my friend, before I even asked my friend to buy me a ticket, and she decides to go break the godamned bank to pay off her stinking debts that she'll never learn to pull herself out off. I don't care if that sounds harsh, me and my mom never see eye-to-eye and I wouldn't even be fucking surprised if we're not related.

If I didn't have more self-control over myself, I'd off put a knife through my wrist by now.
The only good thing of the day was that I managed to make a friend.
Happiness, though, only lasts till I step through my house door.

Sorry that everyone (if they chose too) had to read this. ><