I'm like so bummed.

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I'm like so bummed.

MCRs like touring 2 hours away from me next month, and I most probably won't be able to go. Mom won't let me go alone :( I'm so bummed. I got so friggen excited and just yeah...now I'm like :( and I'm already having a pretty crappy day in college. This just boosted me and now I've fallen twice as hard. :( I won't be able to go without someone going with me. I know no one who likes My Chem enough to go with ME. *sobs*

Nearly 8 years of being a fan and as usual, I will NOT get to see them live for the first time or have any hope of even meeting them. That'd make my year. Totally. :(

On the plus side....which doesn't fully cheer me up, but my friend's trying to find me a girlfriend, cause I'm a lesbian. Go me. My family will kill me. Another downside.

Woooo. Today's getting shittier and shittier as time goes by. Yay!!!

Someone cheer me up