I´m Back

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I´m Back

Well hellouuuu

I was gone, because I moved from Tj, so I stop using everithing that wasn´t facebook. I was so fucking depressed, awful. But now I´m happy, because this school was great to me, my life is gettin better.
Now I´m a Senior, About to get in the College n.n
I have a boyfrend, he´s really sweet , he adores me, so am i.
My greats are getting better, so cooool!!!!!!

And now i don´t live with my mom, she hummm she dump me? well she told me that i shouldn´t live with her, so i moved, now i live whith my grandmother, and i´m about to start working, but, for now I just wanna graduate, and start doing my life, I´m pretty sure, it´s gonna be awesome.

The aftermath is secondary, isn´t it?


And i was so shocked when i knew MCR separation, I was like "WTF o.o This catn´t be real, it must be a mistake, i´m sure it is, or it´s a nightmare". But, isn´t.
Still, im pretty sure about they are going to create amazing songs so im sure MCR it´s never really ending.

Well i have to do my homework now

Always smile♥


This is Ángela Poison signing off