Stolen ;p <3

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Stolen ;p <3

Put your iPod on, click shuffle and answer the questions with the titles of the songs that come up (I used spotify) ;D <3

If I had a band, it would be called: Disenchanted (MCR) <3

When I die, my headstone will say: Vampire Money (MCR)

At my wedding, in my vows I will say: (To The End) MCR

If I could kill someone, I would kill them with: House Of Wolves (MCR)

When I leave high school, I will be most remembered for: Nine In The Afternoon (Panic! At The Disco)

When my boy/girlfriend makes me mad I tell him/her: Welcome To The Black Parade (MCR) Lol xD

When I party I like to: Vampires Will Never Hurt You (MCR)

When People send me annoying forwards, I scream: Burn (Papa Roach) hahaha

When I go out, people look at me and think to themselves: Zero Percent (MCR) xDDD

When hanging out with friends, we like to be: Chemistry (One Night Only) Hahaha fuckyeah<3